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ITS and Tunnels


Integrated Tunnel Management

More than 40 years of experience in the integrated management of tunnels, and more than 100 projects successfully undertaken all over the world, have made us leaders in the sector at the international level. Safe, energy-efficient, smart and optimally managed tunnels throughout their life cycle.

SICE is capable of designing, implementing, operating and maintaining, at the international level, all the systems delivering safety and intelligence for a road tunnel, managed through the platform SIDERA ITS&Tunnels developed in-house, or integrating with third-party developments.

The proper functioning of the safety and control systems of a tunnel is essential to ensure the safety of its users. At SICE, we undertake projects to enable a safe and efficient experience for vehicles travelling through a tunnel, always complying with the most demanding international safety standards. We implement all the safety, control and automation installations, and carry out maintenance and operation using an integrated platform for centralised tunnel management, from where all the systems are controlled and monitored, guaranteeing maximum safety and operability in daily management and in emergency situations.

The life cycle of a tunnel and its safety and control systems goes through several stages, from definition to final decommissioning. Each of them is crucial to ensure the safety, effectiveness and efficiency of the tunnel. SICE views the project as a whole, from definition and design, through supply, installation, testing and commissioning, operation and maintenance, to decommissioning. Offering the highest technical and economic efficiency for our clients throughout the project life cycle.

SICE installs, operates and maintains a wide variety of equipment in the tunnel itself. Each device fulfils a specific safety or control need, and together they ensure optimal operation of the tunnel itself:

  • Ventilation and environmental control.
  • Power systems and back-up supply.
  • Linear fire detection.
  • CCTV and automatic incident detection (AID).
  • IP SOS and intercom posts.
  • User warning/alarm systems:
  • Variable-messaging panels.
  • Public address, radio communications and their integration.
  • Vehicle detection and counting.
  • LPR licence plate recognition systems.
  • Fire extinguishing systems (equipped fire cabinets, hydrants, water mist systems).
  • Filtering and pumping systems.
  • Access control systems.
  • Height control systems.
  • Emergency exits, etc.

The intelligence of a tunnel depends not only on its “brain”, but also on the systems connected to it. Most of the control and security systems are IP and/or SIP protocol enabled: SOS posts, intercom and public address systems, variable-messaging panels, ventilators (optional), closed circuit television cameras (CCTV).

Public address systems/SOS-intercom/PMV IP posts facilitate the distribution of messages and sound over the communication lines of the tunnel IP network. IP (Internet Protocol) networks allow such systems to be integrated with other systems, taking advantage of the communications infrastructure present in the tunnel.

The IP network is the set of resources that allow the audio or video signal to travel over the Internet, while SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is the signalling protocol, which indicates the system or port that can send this data. SIP technology takes advantage of the benefits of the IP network to enhance voice and video communications over the Internet, and allows multimedia sessions with more than one participant in a very simple and consistent manner. These advantages are reflected in the public address systems/SOS-intercom posts used in the tunnels.

We use the most effective communications protocols in this environment: Ethernet TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, OPC UA, and are open to the use of others on request.

We install state-of-the-art technology to minimise the tunnel’s energy consumption, reducing the carbon footprint and aiming for zero emissions. Smart tunnel management results in reduced emissions from the vehicles travelling through. Variable signalling management, temporary speed limitation and automated ventilation management systems provide a healthy environment inside the tunnel for maintenance workers.

SICE offers an advanced platform for smart control and management, developed in-house and tailored to the needs of each client and project, called SIDERA ITS&Tunnels. This platform receives real-time information on the operation of the systems and equipment installed in the tunnel, detecting possible problems and offering corrective and preventive measures in a timely manner.

We have an integrated management solution for multi-tunnel environments, which includes the capacity to integrate the operating systems and monitoring capacity of all components, allowing the systems of multiple tunnels to be controlled centrally, guaranteeing maximum safety and operability.

Cross-functional management platform

The SIDERA ITS&Tunnels software platform offers an integrated solution for the centralised management of intelligent transport systems (ITS) on a unified graphical interface. The platform provides surveillance, security and emergency management tools, obtains information on the status and availability of infrastructure equipment and systems, and is able to provide information to users through different channels (panels, web, radio, public address, etc.). It thus allows for comprehensive and safe tunnel management as a whole.

SIDERA is an open, modular and scalable solution. An advanced SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) developed by SICE, which integrates all control elements: PLCs, Remote Stations, Distributed Control Units and field elements. It has a high level of redundancy, providing the highest levels of security.

More than 100 successfully completed projects worldwide

SICE has a large team composed mainly of technicians and engineers who are directly involved in the development and implementation of our tunnel solutions worldwide. In constant conversation with clients, researchers, suppliers and manufacturers, our staff always offer solutions tailored to the customer’s needs, and guaranteeing the highest levels of safety, operability and efficiency.

SIDERA ITS&Tunnels has proven to be a universal, end-to-end solution for the centralised management of tunnels, facilitating traffic and incident management; providing surveillance, safety and emergency management; facilitating electrical and mechanical management; and collecting and reporting data related to road operation and performance.

After more than 40 years of experience, with successful implementations in different countries and different types of tunnel, we have the ability to quickly understand the specific regulatory, normative and cultural requirements of each market and project, ensuring successful implementation and minimising the risks for our clients.

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