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SICE is the world number 1 in the international ITS and Tunnel market, with projects successfully implemented around the world on all five continents. SICE stands out for its capacity to adapt to each customer and each project, and for the excellent features of its solutions.


SIDERA ITS & Tunnels is an open, modular and flexible platform that helps improve traffic management and safety. It is a comprehensive solution for the centralised management of large-scale or strategic transport infrastructures (tunnels, motorways) that monitors and controls all the systems related to the safety of the users and vehicles travelling through them.


SIDERA ITS & Tunnels adapts to customer needs and allows for interaction with third-party systems. It is a SCADA designed for the comprehensive management of traffic in tunnels and on roads, with all the business logic implemented, and has been implemented in the sector for over 40 years.

The differential value of SIDERA ITS & TUNNELS

The SIDERA ITS & Tunnels platform stands out for its flexibility and excellent integration capacity, allowing for the management of all systems from a single interface. The logical architecture and components forming the platform, based on the use of open and non-proprietary standards, guarantee the interoperability and portability of all solutions and systems, security, and the possibility of management to configure and parametrise the platform.

SIDERA ITS & Tunnels in figures

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years of experience in the ITS & Tunnels sector

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tunnels integrated into the SIDERA platform

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of tunnels over five continents

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users per day travelling along assets managed by SIDERA

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Management capacity for over 100,000 IO signals in real time in a single project. 

Integrated traffic management in tunnels and on roads

Through a unique, continuously evolving interface, SIDERA allows for traffic management in tunnels and on roads through the integration of each and every one of the systems that form part of these assets, thus maximising user safety and optimising the management of these infrastructures.

It allows for the centralised monitoring and control of the electromechanical systems of the infrastructure (power supply, lighting, ventilation, fire protection systems) and those related to traffic management and safety (information panels, surveillance cameras, weather stations).

In addition, it allows for the implementation and automation of complex emergency plans for situations of extreme or potential danger, or that affect mobility.

Flexibility and excellent integration capacity

As a result of over 40 years of experience, SIDERA integrates most of the market solutions applied in these environments.

Over the years, in addition to the integration of a multitude of manufacturers, SIDERA has become compatible with globally accepted standards, allowing for its adaptation to the needs of each project in a fully scalable and expandable manner (ONVIF, NTCIP, C2C, OPC-UA, etc.).

Emergency management and operational support

SIDERA is especially designed with the objectives and concerns of our customers in mind. It is a tool that helps effectively manage the entire operation, surveillance, traffic management and security systems of critical infrastructure:

  • Reduced response times: Our suite of tools at your operators’ fingertips offers a high level of situational awareness, providing intelligent control of the motorway through monitoring, incident management and automated, integrated action.
  • Reduce energy consumption: server consolidation, virtualisation, improved control through artificial intelligence-based algorithms of energy, ventilation and lighting systems
  • Reduced costs and operation times: optimised user interface, fewer clicks, workflow, machine learning automation and robust third-party integration capacities.
  • Self-sufficiency: easily configurable with no vendor involvement.
  • Improved system performance and reliability: the unique software architecture facilitates integration and minimises disruption.
  • Interactive maps.
  • User-friendly and evolved interface. It has geo-referenced synoptics with decluttering capability (grouping of equipment according to the set zoom level)
  • SIDERA Anywhere web client.
  • Multi-platform: Desktop, mobiles, tablets, etc.
  • Adaptation to customer needs.
  • High integration capacity.
  • Highly scalable, redundant solution.
  • It can be deployed on platforms (on premise) and on platforms provided by third party and remote services (cloud).
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Architecture based on the use of open and non-proprietary standards.
  • Ensures interoperability and portability of all solutions Reduces project risks and incompatibilities between systems, equipment and applications.
  • Capacity to be integrated into any type of equipment via a wide range of interfaces.
  • Easily integrated third-party equipment.

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It allows for configuration through redundant configuration and high availability, both in on-premise and cloud environments (Azure, AWS, Oracle, etc.).

Platform already proven in virtualised environments.

Designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It satisfactorily meets cybersecurity requirements and includes access policies and controls, authorisation and authentication procedures or policies to streamline change management, activity logs and auditing to support forensic investigations into security breaches. It therefore complies with the standard that sets out the basis for Defence in Depth, thus extending security from the equipment manufacturers to the operators. 

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