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Lighting and Energy


Energy efficiency in buildings

SICE plays a crucial role in energy efficiency works in buildings and in the maintenance and operation of energy-consuming installations. As a company specialising in integrated solutions, SICE offers services ranging from the design and execution of construction work, to the ongoing management of building energy systems. These projects aim to reduce energy consumption, optimise the use of resources and improve the operational efficiency of the buildings.

In addition to energy efficiency initiatives, SICE is also responsible for the maintenance and operation of energy-consuming installations in buildings. This means ensuring the proper functioning and performance of energy systems over time. SICE carries out inspection, monitoring and preventive maintenance to ensure that systems are operational and efficient. In addition, it carries out corrective and reactive interventions in case of breakdowns or unforeseen problems. Proper maintenance of facilities not only prolongs their service life, but also helps to maximise efficiency and minimise operating costs.

SICE likewise plays an important role in the smart management of energy systems in municipal buildings. This involves the implementation of monitoring and control solutions that allow SICE the possibility to adjust and regulate energy systems to achieve optimal consumption and efficient energy management.

At SICE, we are committed to the responsible use of energy, given the essential need to raise awareness among building users so as to minimise consumption while guaranteeing a quality service. SICE organises awareness-raising workshops and training days for them, to illustrate the benefits of responsible habits.

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