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Tolls and Payment Means


Shadow Toll

A Shadow Toll is a transport infrastructure financing model in which the toll is not paid by the users of the infrastructure themselves, but by the government or public administration.

The cost of this toll is calculated according to the number of users or vehicles using a road, bridge or tunnel, hence the need to implement a technological solution that detects and classifies vehicles in normal motion.

The infrastructure operators can use the data from the toll system to generate the corresponding invoices to the public bodies responsible for payment of the toll.

The Shadow Toll model seeks to encourage private investment in the construction and operation of roads, while ensuring their maintenance and quality. Shadow Tolling is also sometimes used to transfer the financial risk to private operators, and implementation varies according to project – and country – specific conditions.

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SICE provides traffic engineering, design, supply, installation and commissioning of Shadow Toll solutions, both for traffic quantity and quality measurement and for audit and control centre systems.

  • Data collection stations (DCS), video audit system, communications equipment, auxiliary equipment and control centre.
  • Development of the DCS software, communications and control centre.
  • Installation, commissioning and maintenance of the system hardware and software.
  • Integration with SICE’s SIDERA ITS&Tunnels.

cross-functional management platform

SICE has developed an in-house control and management software platform, SIDERA ITS&Tunnels, which also manages the Shadow Toll systems. This is a comprehensive solution for the centralised management of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) according to the needs of each project. It has the ability to integrate and manage all types of equipment, in accordance with a wide variety of international standards.

SIDERA ITS&Tunnels has proven to be a universal system, a comprehensive solution for the centralised management of open-air and tunnel ITS, facilitating traffic and incident management, providing surveillance, safety and emergency management; facilitating electrical and mechanical management, and collecting and reporting data related to road operation and performance.

After more than 40 years of experience, with successful implementations in different countries and different types of tunnel, we have the capacity to ensure successful implementation, minimising the risks for our clients.

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