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SIDERA Traffic

SICE is a national and international market leader in Sustainable Urban Mobility Management Solutions, with projects implemented in Spain, Europe, Latin America, USA, Asia, Africa, etc.
We are one of the most reliable partners in the industry thanks to our ability to adapt to each market and customer, along with the excellent features of our solutions.


SIDERA Traffic is the cross-cutting platform that combines the main services regarding Sustainable Urban Mobility in cities. It is a modular, service-oriented platform that allows the solution to be customised to suit the singularities of each project in an agile manner, optimally managing traffic signal control as well as the collection, analysis and smart processing of mobility data.


Because it combines over 50 years of experience in Smart Mobility Solutions, from the design and manufacture of its own traffic regulation equipment, management software, traffic engineering, and multidisciplinary management.

The differential value of SIDERA TRAFFIC

SIDERA Traffic has the most advanced technology, with a modular architecture based on the integration and management of the different public services that an authority can provide to its citizens. The platform offers its services on-premise or in the cloud, depending on customer preferences.


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years of experience in the traffic sector and sustainable mobility.

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traffic controllers installed around the world.

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signals controlled by its systems.

Business Intelligence and AI

We strive to contribute towards optimising the projects in which we collaborate. SICE therefore has a series of open, high-performance management tools, such as dashboards, predictive analytics and operational reports. Its powerful integrated Expert System allows for the simulation of human reasoning in the management of all data.

Sustainable Urban Mobility

In order to minimise operational costs by reducing the number of modules or software applications, SIDERA Traffic combines, in a single system and interface, all the equipment and players related to traffic and mobility, including weather and atmospheric data, access control, prioritisation of public transport, allowing for the integration and cross-analysis of all the data.

Module-based Operations

SIDERA Traffic is designed in modules to operate alone as a traffic signal management system, as a Low Emission Zone management system, as dashboards and BI for mobility management, or as a set of all available functions.

  • A single interface for the management of all mobility-related services in cities.
  • The system is accessible from a web interface, which allows for efficient management of both operations and maintenance.
  • Integrated management includes the operation of the so-called Low Emission Zones, Traffic Signal Control, Prioritisation of Public Transport, Dashboards for cross-cutting decision making, Weather and environmental control equipment, as well as data consolidation through Open Data, etc.
  • Traffic optimisation in the city thanks to the different algorithms configured in the system.
  • Integrated management allows for the integration of equipment from different manufacturers and with different operating protocols, making this feature transparent to the end user.
  • Monitoring and logging of any failures through alarm processes, both in-house and sent to third parties.
  • The system is designed and programmed with no internal limitations and is scalable for small, medium and large cities. The system can operate on-premise or in the Cloud.
  • Thanks to its modular design and based on the requirements of the project, only those processes that are essential for correct operation will be necessary.
  • New modules or functions can be added at any time during the project lifecycle without changing the system.
  • All systems and sensors are integrated into the system under the premise of standardisation, primarily through the use of open protocols.
  • Given the multidisciplinary team involved in developing the solution, it is possible to incorporate legacy systems or those with specific integration or operating protocols.
  • Although the system is capable of operating in Expert mode, it is designed for the display and processing of aggregated and consolidated data to facilitate correct decision making.
  • The SIDERA Reports module provides a powerful tool for querying all data collected and managed by the system. It also allows for the creation of reports, which are sent automatically to configured users.
  • Dashboards based on visual analytics tools also provide a tool with aggregated data to ensure decision making is as efficient as possible.
  • SIDERA Traffic has been developed from a multi-language perspective.
  • A full library of literals is available which, depending on the language being displayed, shows the different graphical interfaces in the selected language.
  • Traffic signal management and control, incorporating the entire management algorithm at different levels, from junctions to the entire city, allowing for its control algorithms to be combined: Times, Dynamic Selection, Dynamic Generation, and Autoadaptive.
  • Management and control of Traffic visualisation cameras as a fundamental element to support mobility operations.
  • Use of artificial intelligence camera data not only for vehicle detection but also the use of active mobility information, pedestrians, scooters, people with reduced mobility, etc.
  • Low Emission Zones, with control over access control cameras, management of exceptions, penalty proposals, integration of weather, atmospheric and acoustic data.
  • Prioritisation of Public Transport, where different levels of priority are established at traffic signal-controlled junctions.
  • Integration with both road and tramway systems allowing for interaction with interlocks, signals and level crossings.
  • Graphical tools for System configuration, Reports and Dashboards.
  • Expert System.
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