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Tolls and Payment Means


Conventional Toll

Historically, conventional toll plazas have represented an essential economic contribution to the maintenance and development of road infrastructure. The revenue collected from vehicles using roads, bridges or tunnels is in most cases used to finance the construction, repair and maintenance of these transport routes. But in addition to their revenue-raising function, conventional tolls also play an essential role in traffic management by discouraging excessive road use and promoting the use of more efficient routes.


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With more than 35 years of experience, SICE has implemented conventional tolling solutions in many countries with designs that respond in each case to the customer’s needs.

SICE offers support for the definition of business processes, the added value of having a large team with in-depth technical knowledge and lengthy experience in project management.

  • A proven, robust and operational technological solution that reduces risks and execution time.
  • Open, modular and flexible technical architecture, which offers great potential for scalability and growth with minimal investment.
  • Toll collection control supporting different operational models and technologies.
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Versatile solution with the latest payment methods

SICE designs, develops, installs and commissions all levels of conventional toll systems based on channelled lanes (manual, un-attended or with electronic tolling), their main-line or lateral toll stations, as well as their control centre for the centralised management of the toll collection and related information.

The management of the various means of payment supported, the use of pre- and/or post-classification systems with sensors on demand for each client, the incorporation of electronic toll collection in dedicated or mixed/combined modes of operation, and the use of various enforcement cameras, place SICE at the forefront in the implementation of this type of system worldwide.

Automatic Payment Machines

At roadside, SICE has an automatic machine solution to operate on the road without the presence of operators. This in-house SICE solution is capable of efficiently handling all means of payment, and generating a design fully customised to the client’s business policies.

3D Graphics Client

SICE’s 3D Graphics Client for the monitoring and management of each toll plaza and their different lane types clearly sets the marketplace standard.

Our clients get real-time monitoring of the operations being carried out on each lane and toll plaza, with views tailored to their needs.

Operational Management – Dashboards

After more than 35 years in the conventional toll systems sector, SICE has the know-how to understand the importance for our customers of operating the data generated.

The dashboards that SICE implements convey the relevant operational information so that operators can make the best decisions. Among other aspects, by optimising the dimensioning of toll plazas based on predictive analytics.

Cross-functional SIDERA Tolling management platform

SIDERA Tolling is the SICE cross-functional platform that combines all Toll Back-Office solutions. It is built on a modular, service-oriented architecture that allows it to be customised to the needs of each client with an agile approach.

SIDERA Tolling has the capacity to integrate and manage all types of field equipment, being agnostic to the technology used for both lanes and toll plazas.

After more than 35 years of experience in Conventional Toll projects, with successful implementations in different countries, of different types and with a great variety of international standards, we have the capacity to ensure successful implementation, minimising the risks for our clients.

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