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Lighting and Energy


Electric Chargers

One of SICE’s main contributions to the future of sustainability is the expansion of the charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. The mass adoption of electric vehicles is essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality in cities. However, the lack of charging points is one of the main obstacles to their growth.

SICE is working on the installation of chargers at strategic locations, such as public car parks, shopping centres, offices and residential areas, to encourage the use of electric vehicles and overcome this barrier. Its solutions integrate advanced technology that enables remote monitoring and control of charging stations. This ensures efficient and optimised charging, avoiding grid overloads and maximising the use of renewable energy when available. SICE’s ability to manage load demand helps to avoid consumption spikes and contributes to a more stable and sustainable electricity grid.

At SICE we are constantly on the lookout for new technological solutions to improve the charging experience for users and to optimise the existing infrastructure. The company plays a key role in the installation of electric vehicle charging points in Spain. Its expertise and focus on complete solutions help to overcome the challenges associated with the lack of charging infrastructure. In addition, its focus on energy efficiency and smart load management helps to optimise the use of renewable energy and build a more sustainable electricity grid.

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