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Urban mobility


Urban security

In an increasingly interconnected world, where cities face complex crime, traffic and emergency management challenges, the adoption of technological tools has become an imperative in safeguarding urban security. These solutions, ranging from advanced video surveillance systems to real-time data analytics, enable municipal authorities to effectively monitor and respond to risk situations.

The application of technology to urban security not only optimises crime prevention and detection, but also improves the efficiency of emergency services. Geolocation systems, for example, can speed up the response of rescue teams by providing accurate information on the location of incidents. Similarly, the creation of information-sharing platforms covering various actors, such as law enforcement, medical services and local authorities, facilitates collaborative decision-making and coordinates efforts in real time.

SICE is a comprehensive provider of security solutions for the management and control of facilities, infrastructures and cities. We understand these days that security is a high-priority concept, which is why we make every effort to offer innovative technological solutions that integrate the most modern tools (artificial intelligence, data analytics, etc.) in response to our clients’ needs.

  • Video surveillance – CCTV system.
  • Anti-intrusion and perimeter systems.
  • Access control systems.
  • Security and monitoring of roadway, residential or business areas.
  • Fleet management and vehicle location systems.
  • Public address and intercom systems.
  • Security Control Centre.
  • Communications infrastructure for security systems.
  • Maintenance of security systems.
  • Transport and infrastructure safety.
  • Security in critical infrastructure.
  • Security in strategic and emergency zones.
  • Coordination and communication with the law enforcement forces and agencies and the public emergency services.
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