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SIDERA Lighting

SICE is the national market leader in Solutions for the smart management of Public Lighting, with traditional projects for the supply, management and maintenance of municipal or supra-municipal installations, and in the development of ESCO (Energy Services) projects.

SICE is one of the most reliable partners in the industry, thanks to its ability to adapt to each location and to its customers, along with the excellent features of its solutions.


SIDERA Lighting combines the main services related to the management of Public Lighting in cities. It is a modular platform aimed at controlling and managing all installed equipment. Its web-based interface makes it possible to view and control all the equipment that forms part of the ecosystem through geo-referencing, and to integrate other elements.


SIDERA Lighting is the result of a process of continuous enhancement and evolution, combining the experience of over 50 years in lighting solutions with the design and development of proprietary management software and the incorporation of what is known as Lighting Engineering.

The differential value of SIDERA LIGHTING

SIDERA Lighting has the most advanced technology, with modular architecture based on the integration and management of the different equipment and sensors that can be managed in a lighting installation, whether public or private. The platform offers its services on-premise or in the cloud, depending on customer preferences.

Business Intelligence and AI

We strive to contribute towards optimising the projects in which we collaborate. SICE therefore has a series of open, high-performance management tools, such as dashboards, predictive analytics and operational reports. Its powerful integrated Expert System allows for the simulation of human reasoning in the management of all data.

General Operations

SIDERA Lighting is designed in modules to operate as a lighting management and control system, and can incorporate functions such as the control of television cameras, photoelectric cells, data analysis, consumption control and verification with the electricity bill, etc. As it is based on the SIDERA UNIQ ecosystem, all its cross-cutting functions can be incorporated.

  • A single interface for the management, control and monitoring of all lighting in cities.
  • The system is accessible from a web interface, which allows for efficient management of both operations and maintenance. No software installation is therefore required.
  • Secure access with activity log of the different users, with user profiling.
  • It has an API for integration into Smart City platforms, such as SICE.
  • Other types of equipment can be integrated.
  • Data storage limited only by the capacity of the hardware on which it is installed.
  • Control panels for rapid viewing of the general status, board by board, light by light, not only for rapid decision making but also for correct maintenance.
  • Real-time transmission of system events and equipment alarms by email and text message.
  • The system is designed and programmed with no internal limitations and is scalable for small, medium and large cities. The system can operate on-premise or in the Cloud.
  • Thanks to its modular design and based on the requirements of the project, only those processes that are essential for correct operation will be necessary.
  • New modules or functions can be added at any time during the project lifecycle without changing the system.
  • Although the system is capable of operating in Expert mode, it is designed for the display and processing of aggregated and consolidated data to facilitate correct decision making.
  • The SIDERA Reports module provides a powerful tool for querying all data collected and managed by the system. It also allows for the creation of reports, which are sent automatically to configured users.
  • Dashboards based on visual analytics tools also provide a tool with aggregated data to ensure decision making is as efficient as possible.
  • SIDERA Lighting has been developed from a multi-language perspective.
  • A full library of literals is available which, depending on the language being displayed, shows the different graphical interfaces in the selected language.
  • All the elements that form part of the lighting management ecosystem are geo-referenced within the general map of the application.
  • The geo-referenced map displays the operating status of the different boards in real time along with a view of which lights are switched on in each line connected to the headend.
  • Direct action on dashboards, configuration, switching on/off, relay control, operation programming, thresholds, requested alarms, routing, etc.
  • Control of control curves.
  • Historical data logging, data analysis, reporting.
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