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Industrial process control


Oil and Gas

SICE develops and executes multidisciplinary Oil and Gas projects, able to participate in all phases of the project: basic and detailed engineering, process engineering, instrumentation and control, communications, safety, and civil, electrical and mechanical infrastructure. Such projects are developed on the basis of national and international norms and standards and state-of-the-art technology.

We have extensive experience in the development of turnkey projects (EPC) for the automation and control of processes in the fields of oil, energy, gas and the manufacturing industry in general.


The industry’s constant demand to keep its facilities up to date and in optimal condition has allowed SICE to carry out projects for the modernisation and automation of the different processes in refineries, storage and distribution terminals for liquid hydrocarbons and gas, offshore platforms, and in general throughout the energy industry, providing consultancy services and developing software solutions for the monitoring and control of processes (SCADA).

Modernised and automated services and systems include:

  • Development of software solutions for process monitoring and control.
  • Programming, configuration and commissioning of distributed control system and SCADA systems.
  • Crude oil dehydration and desalting systems.
  • Multiphase separation system.
  • Gas sweetening system.
  • Heating oil system.
  • Gas regulation and metering system.
  • Liquid hydrocarbon metering system.
  • Emergency shutdown system.
  • Fire and safety systems.
  • Automation of storage and delivery terminals.
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