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Tolls and Payment Means


Free-Flow toll

Free-Flow toll systems represent a significant evolution in toll management: they eliminate the need for barriers and booths, allowing vehicles to flow smoothly.

The key lies in vehicle detection and tracking technology, which uses cameras, sensors and number plate recognition systems to automatically identify all vehicles.

This system allows pay-per-use models to be established, along with other features. Electronic payment options are an added benefit, as they facilitate the user experience for drivers.


SICE has solutions both at gantry level (Roadside Equipment) and for control centres (Back-Office), managing electronic toll collection with tags (electronic tolling) and/or number plates (video-tolling) from when the vehicle passes through, to the management of customer accounts, as well as the pursuit of possible offenders.

SICE’s Back-Office Solution (BOS) provides flexibility in product, service and fee management, and was designed for multi-concession and multi-service performance scenarios. It consists of the Operational Back-Office (OBO) and the Commercial Back-Office (CBO) which support all transactional and customer management activities required on this market.

The company is a leader in the international Free-Flow market, with projects in North America, Europe, South America and Oceania. We are one of the most reliable partners in the industry both for our ability to adapt to the market and for the capabilities of our solutions, handling more than 1.4 billion transactions per year in projects operating worldwide.

Customer-oriented modular solution

  • Proven, robust and operational solution.
  • Open, technology-agnostic, modular and flexible architecture.
  • Built both in the cloud and on-premise.
  • Secure collection control solution.
  • Team with extensive knowledge of the toll business.
  • Flexible contractual model incorporating Software as a Service (SaaS) as an option.

The SICE MLFF Roadside system allows double or single gantry configurations to detect, classify and identify all vehicles on the motorway, whether in urban or inter-urban environments, with the highest performance and availability levels on the market, regardless of traffic and weather conditions. This is a technology-agnostic solution for the equipment to be installed on the gantries, offering the customer great freedom of choice throughout the lifespan of the project.

The Operational Back-Office (OBO) processes transactions originating from the gantries into billable transactions that are sent to the Commercial Back-Office. The SICE platform provides a cost-effective, flexible and specific solution configured according to the needs of each project (pricing schemes, image review strategies, trip creation capabilities, maintenance control).

SICE’s Operational Back-Office solution also incorporates Dynamic Pricing and advanced number plate recognition (AAVI) functionalities based on fingerprinting and machine-learning technologies that enable high levels of accuracy in the automatic detection of number plates.

The Commercial Back-Office (CBO) manages the entire lifecycle of transactions received from the OBO: billing, collection, financial consolidation, customer management via the different channels, reporting and dashboards, and offender management.

SICE’s CBO solution focuses on both the infrastructure operators and the customers using the infrastructure. To this end, it incorporates the latest technologies to generate reports and dashboards, as well as the most innovative management platforms for the different communication channels, thus facilitating the admin process for both operators and customers.

Cross-functional SIDERA Tolling management platform

SIDERA Tolling is the SICE cross-functional platform that combines all Toll Back-Office solutions. It is built on a modular, service-oriented architecture that allows it to be customised to the needs of each client with an agile approach.

SIDERA Tolling has the capacity to integrate and manage all types of field equipment, being agnostic to the technology used at the collection points.

After more than 20 years of experience in Free-Flow projects, with successful implementations in different countries, of different types and with a wide variety of international standards, we have the capacity to ensure successful implementation, minimising the risks for our clients.

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