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Evolution in the Global Management of Public Infrastructure

SIDERA UNIQ represents a paradigm shift in public infrastructure management, offering an integrated and complete solution for assets of different nature with a global vision. Installed on-premise or hosted in the cloud, SIDERA UNIQ gives our customers the flexibility and scalability to integrate the different SICE applications into a single common operating platform. SIDERA UNIQ means choosing the optimal path to efficiency, innovation and comprehensive management of public infrastructures.


SIDERA UNIQ is the future of global management of public infrastructure. It is a comprehensive system that allows the management of different infrastructure to be unified. Just like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle are assembled to reveal the full picture, SIDERA UNIQ brings together specialised software solutions in an ecosystem that generates synergies and delivers exceptional results. Our platform allows for operations with a wide range of public or private infrastructure, from lighting to intelligent transport systems, with a unified graphical interface that simplifies management.

Why choose SIDERA UNIQ?

The choice of SIDERA UNIQ is clear: we offer a unique solution that combines diverse and specialist solutions in both cross-cutting and vertical markets. Rather than relying on multiple independent platforms, SIDERA UNIQ optimises performance by allowing all infrastructure to be managed in a single environment. The platform simplifies operations and allows for the combination of infrastructure management applications, creating a system that generates exceptional results.

The differential value of SIDERA UNIQ

Unprecedented operational agility through its ability to combine data and generate joint plans and events. The platform makes it possible to automate responses to critical or common events, guaranteeing user security and improving the quality of service. In addition, the interconnection of data across verticals provides more powerful dashboards and much more efficient management in each one. The cost efficiency is undeniable: investment in licensing, maintenance, training and hardware is reduced.

Nowadays, optimal management of public infrastructure is essential. Until now, operating specialist platforms for lighting, traffic, intelligent transport systems, tunnels, railways, etc. was a challenging task that required multiple independent, highly specialist yet very disparate systems. But what happens when a customer needs to manage a combination of these infrastructures? SIDERA UNIQ offers the solution, redefining the landscape of integrated management.

SIDERA UNIQ is more than a platform. It is a global public infrastructure management system that allows for multiple verticals to be combined into a single unified platform. It is no longer necessary to use different technologies or to learn how to use separate platforms. SIDERA UNIQ ensures natural interoperability between data and allows for the application of business intelligence (BI) tools to the different verticals.

Our customers are free to choose any combination of public infrastructures they need to manage. Whether it is a railway station with ITS equipment, an adjacent tunnel or any other scenario, SIDERA UNIQ simplifies management and presents a unified graphical interface.

SIDERA UNIQ offers a complete infrastructure viewer with 3D geo-referencing. It allows for operations on the elements, the receipt of information on them, and the management of events, which in turn can trigger automated action plans such as response to fires or other critical situations.

The platform goes beyond basic control: it offers advanced analysis capabilities, simulation for operator training, and detailed reporting. SIDERA UNIQ is a complete solution for one-stop public infrastructure management.

Unlike existing specialist platforms, SIDERA UNIQ allows infrastructure management applications to be combined like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle in a single graphical environment. Joint events, joint plans and operational agility are just the beginning. SIDERA UNIQ is an unrivalled innovation in a market where individual platforms are the norm.

By combining data and capabilities, SIDERA UNIQ offers more powerful dashboards and more efficient management in each vertical. The interconnection between these verticals generates significant benefits and reduces costs by moving from multiple separate platforms to a single platform.

More than 100 years of history have provided SICE with great technological capacity and a global vision. SIDERA UNIQ is the result of years of research and work, leading the company to become a market leader in infrastructure management. Installed on-premise or hosted in the cloud, SIDERA UNIQ provides flexibility and scalability.

In a highly competitive market, SIDERA UNIQ stands out as the only solution that combines cost efficiency with excellence in the overall management of public infrastructure.

SIDERA UNIQ es más que una plataforma; es un sistema de gestión global de infraestructuras públicas que permite combinar múltiples verticales en una sola plataforma unificada. Ya no es necesario recurrir a diferentes tecnologías o aprender a utilizar plataformas independientes. SIDERA UNIQ garantiza una interoperabilidad natural entre los datos y permite aplicar herramientas de inteligencia empresarial (BI) a las diversas verticales.

Nuestros clientes tienen la libertad de elegir cualquier combinación de infraestructuras públicas que necesiten gestionar. Ya sea una estación de tren con equipamiento ITS, un túnel adyacente o cualquier otro escenario, SIDERA UNIQ simplifica la gestión y presenta una interfaz gráfica unificada.

SIDERA UNIQ ofrece un visor de infraestructura completo con georreferenciación en 3D. Permite operar sobre los elementos, recibir información de ellos y gestionar eventos, que a su vez pueden desencadenar planes de acción automatizados, como respuesta a incendios u otras situaciones críticas.

La plataforma va más allá del control básico: ofrece capacidades de análisis avanzado, simulación para entrenamiento de operadores y generación de informes detallados. SIDERA UNIQ es una solución completa para la gestión de infraestructuras públicas en un solo lugar.

Al combinar datos y capacidades, SIDERA UNIQ ofrece cuadros de mando más potentes y una gestión más eficiente en cada vertical. La interconexión entre estas verticales genera beneficios notables y supone una reducción de costes al pasar de múltiples plataformas separadas a una sola.

A diferencia de las plataformas especializadas existentes, SIDERA UNIQ permite combinar aplicaciones de gestión de infraestructuras como si fueran piezas de un puzle, en un único entorno gráfico. Eventos conjuntos, planes conjuntos y agilidad operativa son solo el comienzo. SIDERA UNIQ es una innovación sin igual en un mercado donde las plataformas individuales son la norma.

Más de 100 años de historia han dotado a SICE de una gran capacidad tecnológica y visión global. SIDERA UNIQ es el resultado de años de investigación y trabajo, llevando a la empresa a liderar el mercado de la gestión de infraestructuras. Instalado on-premise o alojado en la nube, SIDERA UNIQ brinda flexibilidad y escalabilidad.

En un mercado altamente competitivo, SIDERA UNIQ destaca como la única solución que combina la eficiencia en costos con la excelencia en la gestión global de infraestructuras públicas.

The next generation in public infrastructure management, where efficiency, innovation and excellence are combined in a single platform.

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