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Culture and Life

Culture and Life

As part of the Vinci Group, SICE strongly shares the core values of trust, responsibility, autonomy, entrepreneurship and solidarity. The men and women who make up our organisation are fully committed to these principles, which form the foundation of our corporate culture and our service management philosophy. These values are a key source of inspiration for the Group's corporate social and environmental responsibility policy.

Being a part of SICE means empowering its achievements, improving the quality of everyday life, preparing for a better and sustainable future. Collaborating with SICE and working with us means promoting our values.



We choose to operate in an environment based on trust. Trust is an element that is built and that enhances collaboration and cooperation between people.



We encourage the expression of talent, giving our team the freedom to make decisions. We value the ability to take responsibility with autonomy, to assess risks, to anticipate success and to achieve it. This mentality drives us towards innovation in each of our projects.

Thanks to this entrepreneurial philosophy, we at SICE know how to combine our skills and strengths to tackle complex projects and offer our clients comprehensive services and processes, while maintaining our commitment to our network of medium-sized business units.



We achieve our objectives on the basis of the responsibility of all our staff and collaborators, regardless of their position within the organisation. Each member has a responsibility towards their colleagues, their projects and customer satisfaction.



Solidarity is not only a core value, but a palpable reality at SICE: we share knowledge, activities and resources to improve efficiency and agility in our operations.

SICE branches and subsidiaries are actively committed to promoting equal opportunities. Our goal is to address all forms of discrimination by promoting inclusion, regardless of gender, ethnicity or disability status.

Thanks to our extensive geographical presence, cultural diversity and convergence prevail at SICE. We reject outright any kind of discrimination, whether in the recruitment process, in the working environment or in the career path of all SICE members.

SICE's strong commitment to respect, non-discrimination and inclusion drives and underpins the Equal Opportunities Plan, which has been in place since 2010. Today, our Equality Plan continues to evolve and adapt to new challenges in order to guarantee effective equal opportunities for our entire team.

At SICE we are committed to the goal of increasing the number of women in our company at all levels. We work every day to make women more aware of our activity and to encourage them to join us.

To meet this challenge, SICE has joined the STEAM Alliance for Female Talent. Girls in Science, an initiative of the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training to foster STEAM vocations (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in connection with the Arts and Humanities) among girls and young women.

This membership marks SICE's commitment to the objectives of the Ministry of Education. Measures have also been taken to promote the employment of people with disabilities by identifying adapted jobs or by collaborating with companies that employ mostly people with disabilities.

Training, mobility and promotion are the backbone of SICE’s success. From the moment our employees first arrive at SICE, their training is facilitated both in specific areas of their work and in competencies and skills to be applied in their daily work.

SICE’s main asset is its team of people. The high level of professionalism of our workforce guarantees the quality of our services.

With almost 3000 employees worldwide, SICE is committed to developing people by offering opportunities for development and improvement through training and participation in multidisciplinary and multicultural teams. 40% of the workforce operates outside Spain, with a presence on all five continents:


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