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SOC security operations centre

An SOC (Security Operations Centre) is a centre responsible for monitoring, analysing and responding to cybersecurity threats in real time. The main objective of a SOC is to ensure the protection of an organisation’s IT systems and digital assets by identifying and mitigating potential IT risks and attacks. In other words, it is essential to ensure an organisation’s cyberprotection by detecting, responding to and mitigating threats and cyberattacks in real time.

At SICE, we adapt to the individual needs of each client, offering SOC services in different operational modes: 8×5, 12×5 and 24×7. Our highly specialised team will be available at the times that best suit the requirements of each client. SICE deploy staff who are highly specialised in security as an invaluable asset, top level security experts, always in constant training, assisting the client in detecting and resolving any incident that may arise.

Functions of a SOC

As of today, 94% of companies have suffered at least one serious cybersecurity incident in the last year, with 69% of companies claiming to have suffered between 1 and 2 serious cyberincidents in the last 3 years and 25% of companies claiming to have suffered more than 2 cyberattacks in the same year, with the biggest threats being Ransomware and Malware. In the face of all these threats, it is essential to have a reliable SOC, which includes at least the following functions:

The SOC constantly monitors networks, systems and applications for suspicious activity or anomalous behaviour patterns that could indicate an attack.

When a potential threat is detected, SOC analysts investigate and assess the incident to determine its nature and scope. This involves analysing activity logs, identifying the source of the attack and assessing its potential impact.

If a security incident is confirmed, the SOC team works to contain and mitigate the effects of the attack. This may include blocking malicious IP addresses, removing malware and implementing measures to prevent similar attacks in the future.

In serious situations, a SOC can collaborate with other security teams, such as computer security incident response teams (CSIRTs) or crisis management teams, to effectively address the situation.

As well as responding to ongoing incidents, an SOC also works on identifying vulnerabilities and implementing preventive measures to strengthen the security of the technological infrastructure.

The SOC collects and analyses data from multiple sources, such as system event logs, application security information and network traffic data, to obtain a comprehensive view of the organisation’s security.

For SICE, speed of response is a fundamental cornerstone. In the event of a cyberattack, we offer exceptional responsiveness, as we have staff monitoring the client’s ecosystem 24/7. This allows us to detect security breaches early, act immediately and minimise the risk in the event of a cyberattack.


SICE’s Security Operations Centre uses cutting-edge tools, including state-of-the-art security platforms such as Armis, CrowdStrike Falcon and the Fortigate Firewall. These tools form a solid shield to secure every data environment. We know that flexibility and scalability are essential. Which is why we perform penetration testing and alert correlation to anticipate and mitigate evolving threats. We also carry out a continuous analysis of vulnerabilities, allowing us to identify, classify and correct them.  We offer a preventive diagnosis to provide the client with an overview of their security, enabling them to take effective preventive measures in the face of any potential threat.

SICE’s approach is not only reactive but also proactive, studying recorded threats and providing concrete recommendations to improve infrastructure security. Within our managed services, we offer event monitoring and security incident alerts in different operational configurations: 8×5, 12×5 and 24×7. In addition, our unique cybersecurity operations management platform will provide transparency and traceability in all activities.


SICE takes care of the end-to-end management of the monitoring platform, from status and availability to patching and configuration backup. Managing risks and vulnerabilities to maintain a secure environment. Our priority is to provide full visibility. We effectively detect threats and precisely configure the platform, adjusting rules and alerts to ensure early and accurate detection of any suspicious activity.

Our SOC adapts to the needs of each client, providing specialised personnel, rapid incident response, cost savings, advanced tools, flexibility, scalability, vulnerability analysis, preventive diagnostics, proactive advice and complete management of cybersecurity operations.

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