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SIDERA Tolling

SICE is a leader in the international Toll Solutions market with projects implemented in Europe, America, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. SICE is one of the most reliable partners in the industry thanks to its ability to adapt to each market and to its customers, along with the excellent features of its solutions.


SIDERA Tolling is the SICE cross-functional platform that combines all Toll Back-Office services. It is a modular, service-oriented platform that agilely customises the solution to the singularities of each project. It is mainly composed of two large blocks, Operational Back-Office (OBO) and Commercial Back-Office (CBO).


Because SIDERA Tolling combines over 35 years of experience in integrated Toll Solutions, from Roadside Equipment (RSE) to central Back-Office Systems (BOS), in a process of continuous evolution in which our customers are the main beneficiaries.

The differential value of SIDERA TOLLING

SIDERA Tolling has the most advanced technology, with a modular architecture based on containers and microservices. It is agnostic to the platform that supports it and can be either cloud or on-premise based. It supports different delivery models, such as Software as a Service (SaaS), in line with the preferences of our customers.


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Present in 20 countries

Business Intelligence

We strive to contribute towards optimising the projects in which we collaborate. SICE therefore has a series of open, high-performance management tools, such as dashboards, predictive analytics and operational reports.

Artificial Intelligence

Seeking to minimise operational costs by reducing the number of images requiring manual processing, SICE introduces its AAVI (Advanced Automatic Vehicle Identification) solution supported by fingerprinting technology (Machine Learning, Deep Learning).

Pay Per Use and Congestion Charge

SIDERA Tolling is designed to support Pay per Use and Congestion Charge models. It has a high level of flexibility to incorporate different pricing criteria in line with the interests of our customers.

  • Efficient platforms designed around the user experience that make it easier for users to make decisions and perform tasks quickly.
  • Easy navigability and adaptability for all types of users, resulting in a high degree of customer satisfaction.
  • Utility and usability as design principles to provide our applications with simplicity and relevance.
  • Integrated management of the entire transaction lifecycle: transaction consolidation, trip aggregation, pricing and billing processes.
  • Management of commercial policies and customer accounts.
  • Handling of complaints through the different channels available to customers.
  • Activities and procedures for debt recovery in accordance with business rules.
  • Generation of Evidence Pack aggregating the entire history and evidence of infringements.
  • Integration with external interfaces and financial consolidation.
  • A single Back-Office Solution to manage multiple assets or additional services, such as car parks or service stations, sharing the same account for all services in Mobility as a Service (MaaS) schemes.
  • A common platform with customised processes, invoices and reports for each asset or service managed.
  • A specific module that allows for the dynamic assignment of prices based on traffic conditions, demand or other factors.
  • Integration with Operational Toll Systems, as well as with Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) belonging to SICE and to third parties.
  • Adaptable for both open and closed toll payment schemes with trip building.
  • Solutions designed as real-time systems.
  • Full traceability and auditability management of the end-to-end transaction processing cycle, including images of each crossing.
  • Monitoring and logging of any failures through alarm processes, both in-house and sent to third parties.
  • Separate environments for access by customers and system operators, managing the cyber security of the solution.
  • Virtualised systems on platforms with high availability and disaster recovery management according to business continuity plans.
  • Compliance with the requirements for certification in the PCI-DSS payment card industry data security standard and security of personal identification data within the scope of application of the GDPR.
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