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Lighting and Energy


Lighting and Energy

Street lighting is a source of high energy consumption, as a system with long periods in operation. Outdoor lighting is an installation whose behaviour is 100% predictable, allowing for flexibility in adapting lighting conditions depending on the time of night. In energy terms, street lighting generally accounts for 40-60% of municipal energy consumption.

Any improvement, be it in the components or in the management of the system, thus means high levels of energy savings, leading not only to economic savings, but also to a reduction in the consumption of energy from non-renewable sources, as well as in greenhouse gas emissions.

Maintenance projects for public lighting installations

As a specialised company, SICE offers comprehensive maintenance services for Outdoor Street Lighting, ensuring that the luminaires are in optimal condition and providing a safe and well-lit environment for the community.

Both in the projects it has been undertaking and those currently in development, SICE presents a variety of customised works to adapt to the specific needs of each client and their efficient public lighting installation. These contracts may include different levels of service, from basic maintenance to more comprehensive contracts covering periodic inspections, repairs, luminaire replacement and technology upgrades.

Tasks carried out by sice

SICE offers an advanced, smart control and management platform, developed in-house and tailored to the needs of each client and project, known as SIDERA LIGHTING. This platform is able to monitor in real time the operation of the installed systems and equipment that manage the lighting, detecting possible problems and offering optimal corrective and preventive measures.

Allow any wear, damage or malfunction of luminaires and associated components to be identified. These inspections include checks of cables, connections, protections and other elements critical to the correct functioning of the system.

Are carried out through an Authorised Control Body, with a certified agent guaranteeing the proper functioning of the installations and their safety.

SICE responds quickly and efficiently, sending trained technicians to solve the problems and restore the luminaires to normal operation.

Ensures that they are free of obstructions and operate at maximum capacity, providing uniform and efficient lighting of roads and public spaces.

Responding to enquiries, offering advice on outdoor public lighting-related issues and providing information on new technologies and best practices in outdoor lighting.

Projects for the remodelling of public lighting installations

Projects for the remodelling of Outdoor Public Lighting (OPL) installations seek to reduce the installed power by installing LED technology luminaires, likewise bringing the installation into line with current regulations. SICE has the necessary experience and know-how to carry out this type of project.

We undertake the design and planning of the remodelling works for Outdoor Public Lighting. This involves assessing the lighting needs of the roads and determining the appropriate lighting levels to ensure the safety of road users. SICE uses advanced technology to carry out lighting studies and establish the most efficient and appropriate type of LED luminaires for each location.

We install the new LED luminaires, replace the existing equipment, set up brackets and poles, and the wiring required to ensure correct operation of the system. During this stage, we ensure that quality and safety standards are met, guaranteeing that the installations comply with current regulations and specific lighting requirements.

These projects are carried out in different types of municipalities and facilities. In addition to making a purely functional modification based on power reduction, SICE takes care to ensure the minimum lighting levels needed to maintain road user safety. This contributes to improved road safety and safer environments for pedestrians and drivers. Other aspects such as the urban environment and the adaptation of the luminaires to the installation location are taken into account when carrying out the initial implementation studies.

Cross-functional management platform

In many cases, street lighting remodelling projects are complemented by the installation of smart control systems to manage these installations. SICE offers its own remote management system, SIDERA Lighting, capable of performing these tasks, and facilitating and optimising operations.

SIDERA Lighting provides the tools for precise lighting control, adjusting intensity and on/off times according to specific needs. In addition, presence and brightness detection systems can be implemented to optimise energy use and further reduce operating costs. The main characteristic is the adaptation of the system to the customer’s demands, including the integration of other services not related to lighting, such as video surveillance cameras, environmental sensors, energy production plants and plenty more besides.

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