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Automatic Fare Collection

An attractive collective transport system can help improve regional mobility and enhance the quality of life of citizens, while also boosting the overall economy, provided that the ticketing and validation solution is efficient, reliable, secure and affordable, but above all easy to understand and use.

At SICE, we offer a complete solution that includes access control and validation, automatic machines and point-of-sale terminals, as well as the Back-Office for the consolidation and integration of sales and validation data. We also provide audit, invoicing, reporting and media management tools. Our comprehensive SIDERA AFC solution contributes to more effective and efficient management of public transport, providing a more satisfying travel experience for users.

Station Control SICE

Access control and validation

SICE’s solution for access control and ticket validation offers a comprehensive and technologically advanced approach to improve the user experience, ensure regulatory compliance and optimise public transport operations. Its modular design and open technologies allow for optimal adaptability and scalability, ensuring alignment with today’s changing transport needs.

It covers everything from contactless validators and QR Code readers to EMV card readers, all integrated into different turnstiles, totems and walkways for access control in public transport. This solution stands out for its focus on several key aspects to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in transport operations.

The solution is designed to be scalable and adaptable to different fleet sizes and public transport needs. The modular approach and the use of open technologies make it possible to easily integrate new functionalities and upgrade the system as technology advances.

SICE ensures that the access control and validation system complies with all applicable regulations and standards in the field of public transport. This includes security, privacy and jurisdiction-specific requirements.

The SICE solution is designed to ensure universal access, including for people with disabilities, the elderly and children. Turnstiles, totems and walkways are designed to be accessible and easy to use for all passengers.

The system focuses on minimising fare-dodging and ensuring that all passengers comply with proper validation of their tickets. This helps to raise more revenue and ensure the sustainability of the transport system.

The user interface of the SICE solution is user-friendly and straightforward, which facilitates the validation process for passengers. In addition, the attractive and modern design of turnstiles and totems can enhance the user experience and promote a sense of confidence in the system.

The design and technology employed in the validators allows for high-speed validation and passenger throughput. This reduces waiting times at stations and stops, improving the fluidity of public transport.

Automatic machines and point-of-sale terminals

The SICE solution for the sale of transport tickets by means of machines and point-of-sale terminals offers an agile, flexible and secure purchase experience for public transport users. It is based on the implementation of staffed points of sale and automatic machines, which offer different transport ticket technologies and support various means of payment, such as coins, banknotes and EMV credit cards. The combination of technologies and adaptation to the needs of passengers ensure efficient and satisfactory operation for both parties: the users and the transport company.

SICE offers both staffed points of sale, where staff from the transport company assist passengers in the purchase of transport tickets, and automatic machines, which allow users to purchase their tickets independently and quickly.

The machines and points of sale designed by SICE have the capacity to integrate different transport ticket technologies, such as smart cards, QR codes or even magnetic tickets.

The automatic machines and points of sale are equipped to accept different means of payment, such as coins, banknotes and EMV credit cards. This gives users the flexibility to make payments according to their preferences and needs.

The POS terminals designed by SICE are ergonomic and easy to use for the operators. Their intuitive and user-friendly interface simplify the sales process and speed up transactions.

Both automated machines and staffed points of sale comply with accessibility regulations to ensure that all passengers, including people with disabilities, can access and use the services without difficulty.

The automatic machines have a user-friendly and clear interface that facilitates interaction with the user. Simple instructions and clear options allow passengers to purchase their tickets quickly and without hassle.

SICE offers robust and secure automated machines, designed to withstand daily use and ensure the integrity of the money collected. Closed boxes maximise the security of the collection, avoiding possible incidents and guaranteeing the protection of the revenue generated.

Intermodality and centralised management

SICE offers public transport companies an efficient and versatile system to manage and improve the user experience in the sale and use of transport tickets in different modes of transport.

The solution for the Transport Sale and Validation System Management Centre is a modular and complete platform that centralises all information related to the sale and validation of transport tickets, facilitates data consolidation, offers auditing and reporting tools, and enables fare integration and intermodality.

Main features of the solution:

The platform centralises all ticket sales and validation information at a single Control Centre. This allows for a complete and up-to-date view of operations in real time.

SICE offers a Back-Office that consolidates and integrates sales and validation data, even in environments with different modes of transport, such as buses, trains, trams, etc.

The Management Centre provides tools to audit collection and invoicing, and generate detailed reporting on ticket sales and validation activity.

The solution includes tools to manage the clearing of payments between different companies or entities involved in public transport. It also offers banking management and the consolidation of different means of payment, such as credit cards, smart cards and other formats.

The platform enables fare integration, which means that the passenger can use one single transport ticket to pay for different modes of transport, such as buses and trains. It also offers fare integration, allowing the user to pay just once at the point of origin without having to pay again on subsequent transfers.

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