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Metros and Trams

Collective urban transport, especially metros and trams, boosts the economy and improves quality of life in big cities. Encouraging use instead of private means of transport is essential for improved urban mobility.

Today’s advanced communication solutions provide real-time information on timetables and routes, improving the experience and perception of public transport by its users. Security and communications are vital to avoid travel incidents and to make travel efficient, safe and affordable. Video surveillance and emergency protocols to ensure that the infrastructure is safe, alongside an efficient communication system, are the basis for attracting more users, reducing dependence on private vehicles and the associated pollution.


SICE works on the infrastructures and operations of both metros and trams, and their intermodal management, by coordinating and integrating the different subsystems that may make up each of them.

Metros and TRAMS SICE Squeme

Soluciones de Comunicación Embarcadas Ferroviarias

SICE proporciona sistemas de radiocomunicación digital TETRA y LTE para comunicaciones de misión crítica en metros y tranvías. Nuestra solución incluye terminales de cabina integrados con otros equipos del tren como el TCMS, megafonía e interfonía. También ofrecemos puestos de despacho para operadores con funciones específicas para el sector ferroviario.

La solución se basa en TETRA o MCPTT sobre LTE, permitiendo comunicaciones de misión crítica en redes públicas o privadas. El equipamiento, con homologación ferroviaria, brinda calidad de servicio, prioridad en comunicaciones y diversidad de llamadas propias de operaciones ferroviarias.

Communications play an essential role on a metro or tramway line in providing the necessary connectivity for the entire transport system. The fibre-optic backbone provides support via an IP or MPLS multiservice network to the centralised operations management applications and tools, as well as to the security and information system. In addition to the wired network, the implementation of wireless IP networks (Wi-Fi or LTE) provides connectivity between vehicles and/or users, connecting them to the Backbone Network to provide on-board services.

Audio communications can be complemented by Digital Radio systems (TETRA or 5G) that allow voice communication between drivers, Control Centre operators, surveillance and security officers and maintenance operators.

The public transport sector faces a number of challenges related to cyberthreats that could affect the operation of the service and the security of the railway operator.

To ensure the protection of information generated by users and transport operators, it is vital to have solutions in place that incorporate appropriate procedures, tools and equipment. This includes network segmentation systems, traffic inspection, intrusion detection, access control and backup tools, update management and endpoint protection, both in fixed networks and on-board equipment.

At SICE, we understand the importance of cybersecurity in public transport, and offer comprehensive solutions that ensure the protection of systems and sensitive information.

The passenger information system enriches the user experience by providing accurate waiting times, and optimising connections. Modern user information and dynamic advertising systems are integrated with real-time monitoring of train traffic and offer an advanced platform for dynamic information via various channels, such as screens, departure and arrival panels, information totems, mobile phones and website, among others.

In addition, this system is connected to the public address system to broadcast background music, advertisements and messages based on audio recordings or speech synthesis. This allows us to provide a more complete and enjoyable travel experience for passengers, keeping them informed and entertained during their journey.

SICE’s comprehensive solution enables the integrated management, monitoring and control of safety installations in transport operations such as metro and light rail. This includes CCTV surveillance systems, smart video analysis, access and intruder control, alarms and fire protection and platform monitoring, guaranteeing security and the prevention of risk situations. We provide incident response tools and assistance to operators, ensuring safe and efficient operation. SICE Security, a company specialising in security systems and forming part of the SICE Tecnología y Sistemas Group, offers comprehensive and customised solutions that meet the demanding safety needs of the railway sector.

SICE provides TETRA and LTE digital radio systems for mission-critical communications on metros and trams. Our solution includes cab terminals integrated with other train equipment such as TCMS, public address and intercom. We also offer dispatching posts for operators with specific functions for the railway sector.

The solution is based on TETRA or MCPTT over LTE, enabling mission-critical communications in public or private networks. Our railway-approved equipment provides quality of service, communications priority and diversity of calls corresponding to railway operations.

Cross-functional SIDERA Rail Management Platform

The Operations Control Centre of an urban transport system, such as a metro or tramway, plays a crucial role in centralising information and integrating the coordination of multiple systems. SICE offers a management solution for this centre, based on the SIDERA Rail platform, which allows the integration of station and tunnel operation.

All electromechanical installations, including power, ventilation, lighting, stairs and air conditioning, are centrally monitored and controlled from this control centre. In addition, the system monitors security systems such as CCTV, alarm control and access control. At stations, user information is integrated via a unified graphical user interface, while evacuation and fire protection systems are incorporated in the tunnels.

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