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SICE is present in the international Transport Solutions market with projects implemented in Europe, America, Oceania, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. SICE is one of the most reliable partners in the industry thanks to its ability to adapt to each market and to its customers.


The SIDERA Rail software platform offers an integrated solution for the centralised management of transport systems on a unified graphical interface. It is a cross-functional platform that integrates the monitoring of the network of stations, tunnels, tracks and rolling stock. It allows for all technological equipment to be controlled, with user information management, monitoring and security, and incident management.


Because SIDERA Rail meets the needs of metro-rail transport operations, focusing on displaying the most relevant information for operators, simplifying operational procedures, and incorporating functionalities to assist operations by proposing scheduled action plans for incidents.

The differential value of SIDERA RAIL

SIDERA Rail has the most advanced technology, with a modular, highly scalable architecture. It is agnostic to the platform that supports it, can be either cloud or on-premise based, and can be deployed in a redundant and high availability configuration.

SIDERA Rail in figures

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Emergency management and operational support

SIDERA Rail is a tool that helps effectively manage the entire operation, monitoring, Transport management and security systems of critical infrastructure:

  • Reduced response times: offering a high level of situational awareness, providing intelligent control through monitoring, incident management and automated, integrated action.
  • Reduced energy consumption: server consolidation, virtualisation, improved control of energy, ventilation and lighting systems.
  • Supervising and managing: It monitors and controls electromechanical installations and security systems (power, CCTV, alarms, ventilation, station and rail-side air conditioning, lighting, stairs, user information, etc.).
  • Improved system performance and reliability: the unique software architecture facilitates integration and minimises disruption.

Scalability and modularity

The SIDERA software platform is highly scalable with the capacity to manage over 100,000 IO signals in real time, and includes the following modules:

  • Maps, Schematics and Control Console
  • User management and Access control
  • Asset management with ranking and organisation of equipment
  • Monitoring and control equipment and system integration interface
  • Video surveillance management
  • Video wall management
  • Passenger information
  • Transport operations
  • incident and event alarms and management
  • Reports, history and logs
  • Remote incident management module
  • Maintenance Module
  • Simulation and training module

Content management and Passenger information platform

SIDERA Rail incorporates an advanced content management platform with dynamic information on screens, departure/arrival information panels, information totems, mobile phones, website, etc.

This platform collects information from different data sources and distributes it visually to passengers in real time, synchronised with a centralised public address service for the broadcasting of: background music, advertising and messages based on audio samples or speech synthesis.

It is a solution that distributes information to the different formats and devices located in stations or on trains. It also allows for the integration of third-party advertising to make optimum use of the solution

  • Adaptation to customer needs.
  • High customisation capability.
  • Highly scalable, redundant solution.
  • It can be deployed on platforms (on premise) and on platforms provided by third party and remote services (cloud).
  • Advanced reporting.
  • Adaptation to customer needs.
  • High customisation capability.
  • Highly scalable, redundant solution.
  • It can be deployed on platforms (on premise) and on platforms provided by third party and remote services (cloud).
  • Advanced reporting.

A single solution that adapts to different monitoring devices, regardless of the operating system.

English / Spanish / French / Hebrew / Arabic / Hindi

It allows for configuration through redundant configuration and high availability, both in on-premise and cloud environments (Azure, AWS, Oracle, etc.).

Platform already proven in virtualised environments.

Designed to operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

It satisfactorily meets cybersecurity requirements and includes access policies and controls, authorisation and authentication procedures or policies to streamline change management, activity logs and auditing to support forensic investigations into security breaches. It therefore complies with the standard that sets out the basis for Defence in Depth, thus extending security from the equipment manufacturers to the operators. 

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