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Urban mobility


Urban traffic

Urban traffic management plays a key role in the sustainable development of modern cities. As the urban population continues to grow and mobility becomes a daily challenge, it is vital to implement effective strategies to ensure that the flow of vehicles is safe and efficient. Proper traffic management not only helps to reduce congestion and travel times, but also has a direct impact on air quality, road safety and citizens’ quality of life.

SICE is capable of designing, implementing, operating and maintaining all urban traffic control systems at the international level, mainly traffic lights but also any element related to sustainable mobility in cities, through its SIDERA Traffic platform developed in-house.


The use of innovative technologies for smart traffic management, as well as proper interoperability of all mobility actors, together with an adequate preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance, are essential to achieve the optimal and efficient management of mobility in cities.

SICE is a leading company in the field of urban traffic. Linked to the mobility sector practically since its foundation, the company has made a significant mark on traffic management in cities around the world, participating in the constant transformation of traffic infrastructures and improving mobility in cities. Our commitment to efficiency, sustainability and road safety has established our reputation as a benchmark in the development of smart solutions for urban mobility.

This enables smart traffic management at intersections and junctions through the use of traffic lights, optimising waiting times and ensuring smoother traffic flow. They can work with local or centralised regulation, and with regulation plans (from fixed to self-adaptive plans).

SICE has adapted the pedestrian demand element so that no buttons need to be pressed. By simply reaching out, the push button detects the demand request at the crossing.

Another alternative is the installation of detectors based on Artificial Vision, which point at the stop line and can detect the presence of pedestrians waiting to cross, allowing them to activate pedestrian demand without user intervention.

SICE applies a certain algorithm with artificial vision equipment installed at traffic light-regulated crossings, detecting whether the pedestrian crossing is busy and performing partial extensions of the allocated “green” time so that pedestrians can cross safely. The system contributes to more efficient intersection management by switching to the vehicle phase when there are no pedestrians crossing.

Smart wireless communication between priority vehicles and traffic light control elements serves to optimise the traffic flow of these vehicles.
This offers great versatility in difficult environmental areas thanks to the use of repeaters. In general, the system adapts to traffic and environmental conditions, optimising priority at any given time.

Priority SICE

State-of-the-art technology applied to improving road safety and ensuring compliance with traffic regulations. Red light photo systems, speed control on crossings, speed cameras and detection of prohibited turns are some of the systems capable of automatically detecting and sanctioning traffic offences, helping to reduce accidents and promoting safe road behaviour.

Activating traffic count and access control points enables user managers to collect real-time information on road traffic at various points of the road network, how long vehicles remain, access and exit points, etc. This data, collected in the Centralised Management Platform, allows studies to be carried out to improve mobility.

This allows the lighting level to be adjusted to suit traffic conditions (congestion, speed, etc.), weather conditions (fog, visibility) and other variables measured by traffic control systems. The aim of this system is to strike a balance between the safety provided by lighting systems and the energy consumption that may on occasion be excessive on roads with little traffic.

The smart management of parking spaces in a locality serves not only to optimise their use, but also provide better route planning for drivers and a reduction of the time spent in the car looking for a parking space, resulting in reduced traffic and pollution, improving citizen satisfaction.

Smart Parking

SICE brings added value to urban mobility projects thanks to our traffic engineering team:  highly trained and specialised staff capable of analysing each scenario to adapt the design of the required solutions, and subsequently supervise the implementation, monitoring the solutions in each city.

Cross-functional management platform

SICE offers comprehensive solutions for a holistic approach to urban traffic challenges. Our mobility management platform, SIDERA Traffic, is the result of the combination of the knowledge acquired from more than 100 years managing mobility in cities, applied to the most advanced technology and traffic control systems, with the support of artificial intelligence and big data tools. All these systems are harmoniously integrated to provide optimal and efficient management of vehicular and pedestrian flow.

SIDERA Traffic processes information in real time, providing a complete view of traffic and automating decision-making to improve urban mobility. Thanks to its innovative approach and its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each city, SICE has been able to make a significant difference in urban mobility, promoting safer, more sustainable and freer-flowing transport in complex and dynamic urban environments.

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