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Since the 20s

Advertising from this time shows with curious examples what were the first activities of SICE after its Foundation. These images allow us to see the diversification in products and services that the company offered at this time, as well as the first projects that marked its history.

In its Homes, SICE marketed exclusively in Spain electric motors manufactured by their parent companies General Electric and Thomson-Houston.

The small consumer

Later, an agreement was reached with the MAZDA lighting company, which meant the distribution and sale of luminaires.

A constant in those initial years was the product line intended for small consumers. Not only light bulbs were sold for domestic and industrial use, but fans, vacuum cleaners or phones. These objects, so everyday today, were at the forefront of the technology of that time, where figures such as Edith stood out Clarke, first female Electrical Engineer in the United States and inventor of the so-called "Clarke calculator" that was linked throughout of her entire career at General Electric.

The sponsorship

As a distribution company for the production company RKO, SICE also sponsored such Hollywood films in Spain. popular as King Kong (by Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack, 1933).

The company combined these first media activities with electrical installations that promoted the modernization of the country, electrifying railway lines, setting up hydroelectric plants or working in the agricultural sector for irrigation or lighting of the field.


At the time when radio was the main means of communication and entertainment, SICE, distributor of radio equipment manufactured by RCA, carried the sound of the waves to thousands of homes throughout Spain.

His participation in the media was not limited to these products: SICE was one of the founding companies of Unión Radio, the station chain that would later give rise to the PRISA group.

The Vocation of Service to citizens

Offering them not only solutions such as public lighting that began in these years, but also during a time the direct sale to the consumer of white goods such as refrigerators or stoves.

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