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March 12, 2022, Linares, Jaén |

29 neighborhoods in Linares have new streetlights to illuminate their streets

Linares cambio luces

SICE continues to work on the complete renovation of all public lighting in the municipality of Linares, as well as the Linares Baeza Station. The progress of the works is already more than 50% complete, with completion scheduled for the month of May. 

The replacement of the lighting fixtures in Linares began in the neighborhoods and continued towards the downtown area. Thus, neighborhoods and areas such as La Paz, Colonia del Sol, Las Américas, Girón, Santa Ana, La Zarzuela, Paseo de Linarejos or Camino de Úbeda have already seen all their lighting renewed.

At the same time, the adaptation, reform and repair of around 150 lighting panels that serve the renovated areas is being carried out, with the final objective of complying with the Energy Efficiency Regulation in Outdoor Lighting Installations.

With the replacement of more than nine thousand light points in Linares that SICE will carry out, the City Council's electricity bill will decrease by 65%. In addition to these economic savings, in terms of environmental benefits, 2,000 tons of CO2 will no longer be emitted annually into the atmosphere, reducing the emission of greenhouse gases by 64%. Finally, in terms of energy savings, the new LED luminaires will lead to a decrease in consumption of 4,000,000 kilowatts.

ejemplo luminaria