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In the early years of the 21st century

SICE had already worked on some toll projects in countries such as Canada, the United Kingdom or South Africa, which They constituted a significant experience in the Anglo-Saxon market.

This experience demonstrated that the company had surpassed the possible barriers to entry for a Spanish company, such as language proficiency or adaptation to a different work model with the requirement of BS (British Standard) compliance.

En 2003

SICE se integró en el área de Servicios Industriales del Grupo ACS, en el que ha permanecido casi 20 años. Sólo un año después nacía el Grupo SICE Tecnología y Sistemas, en el que se integran las empresas Ofiteco, Sumipar, SICE Seguridad y MoyanoTelsa.

Tras la incorporación a ACS Industrial y con el apoyo de esta gran corporación, SICE no tuvo miedo de abordar otros países y pasar a ser una de las primeras empresas tecnológicas españolas en países como Australia y Estados Unidos.

Moving equipment

The Free Flow project team in Chile, moved in its entirety to Melbourne (Australia) to execute the work of Eastlink, seed of SICE in Oceania.

At the end of the project

part of the Australian SICE team is moved to the United States to carry out commercial work, executing his first project in 2009: the ITS System to improve the I-595 corridor in Miami. In this project, SICE was able to contribute all the knowledge prior information on access control systems, free flow tolling and variable signage.

Talent attraction

This project was the seed of the implementation of SICE in the country and the positioning it has acquired to this day, facilitating the attraction of talent and the subcontracting.

From that moment on, different projects were won in the state of Florida, among which the control system and communications from the Port of Miami Tunnel, in 2012.

In parallel

the company was consolidating in North America thanks to experience in tunnels, tolls and ITS. This means the possibility of expanding outside the State of Florida: the same year, Work on the Seattle SR99 Tunnel began and 2 years later the works on the Windsor Bridge in Canada.

New projects

Already in 2017, SICE was awarded the 11 new ITS, traffic lighting and lighting projects in the US. Between them, highlights the development of intelligent transportation systems and free flow toll road on Houston's SH288 highway.

With the local reference of Eastlink and that of the tunnels Calle30, the Australian team, managed to be part of the consortium of the Waterview Tunnel, the first tunnel project in Oceania for the company and consolidated reference in recent years with all WestConnex tunnel projects in Sydney and West Gate in Melbourne.

Anglo-Saxon methodology

Implantations in such distant markets like the USA and Australia, but at the same time so similar in terms of methodology used and the value given to the design and test, have allowed SICE to gain extensive knowledge of the way of working Anglo-Saxon, tackling projects such as the Humber toll in the United Kingdom and currently in the projects that are being executed in Sweden and Norway.

The implementation of SICE in North America, Oceania and the north of Europe is growing and is determined by the will to continue growing in all these countries.

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