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The General Directorate of Traffic

was created in 1959. From then on and During the following decades, this organization dedicated a special effort to create equipment for the control of urban traffic and interurban. In fact, she was a pioneer in the use of computing for this task, acquiring his first computer in 1964.

Between the 60s and 80s

traffic regulation was precisely one of SICE's main areas of work. However, the company not only intended to be in charge of the installation of these systems, but to control all phases of the process, from manufacturing and installation of the necessary equipment until its management and maintenance. SICE was abandoning the path of distribution of electrical products, to become a service company. By Therefore, at this moment in its history the construction of the factory in Coslada.

Inaugurated in 1978

there were manufactured luminaires, regulators and traffic lights. These products were used in both SICE installations as in connections by other lighting, signaling and traffic regulation.

The revolution that was being experienced
in those Years

in the field of electronics, and which had As a consequence, the development of microprocessors was protagonist at this point in the company's history. Since the Years 60, SICE worked with traffic regulators who were part of the management of fixed and variable times.

These regulators were also complemented with equipment for the electromagnetic detection of vehicles on the road.

Starting in the 1960s, regulators began to use electronics with integrated transistor circuits in parallel with electromechanical relays.

The appearance of the microprocessor

In 1971 with the appearance of the microprocessor 4004 presented by the Intel company, an infinite world of development possibilities for electronic systems, with a technology unthinkable until now. In 1976 SICE developed its first traffic light regulator based on the 8-bit microprocessor 8008 from Intel and in 1978 using the same microprocessor, the first zone center.

The decade that was about to begin

that of the 80s, would imply the consolidation of information technology applied to traffic regulation. TO From then on, regulators integrated microprocessors centralizable.

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