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SICE, a leader in infrastructure technology solutions, has been admitted as a member of the International Bridge, Tunnel & Turnpike Association (IBTTA), the global association for owners and operators of toll roads, bridges and tunnels and the companies that serve them. The company has extensive experience in Toll and ITS projects in the United States, where it has demonstrated its ability to design, implement, operate and maintain multiple projects.

The IBTTA, founded in 1932 and with members in 23 countries on five continents, provides a venue for collaboration on user-based transportation financial and operational solutions. By joining IBTTA, the company joins a community that addresses crucial industry issues such as engineering, operations, new technologies and asset management.

SICE has successfully completed different tolling projects in Texas and Florida (United States), highlighting its Free-Flow tolling solutions. Currently, it is modernizing the entire toll infrastructure of the most important highways in Puerto Rico through the implementation of advanced Free-Flow tolling solutions, as well as in new projects under execution in Harris and Hidalgo counties, Texas.

In its solutions, SICE introduces Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Machine Learning models in its toll management and operation systems, thus improving the user experience, optimizing toll collection management, reducing operational costs and optimizing system maintenance through real-time forecasting of possible system failures, which allows the execution of corrective actions before it affects the system’s operation.

In addition to its expertise in tolling, SICE offers comprehensive solutions for asset management and advanced traffic management in road networks, urban networks, bridges and tunnels, contributing to improve road safety and mobility. Its commitment to sustainability is reflected in innovative solutions to control polluting emissions and optimize resources, thus contributing to a more sustainable future in transportation.

The addition of SICE to the IBTTA strengthens the global network of professionals dedicated to improving toll infrastructure and promoting innovative solutions to the challenges faced by the world’s most demanding road transport operators.


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