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SICE to Deliver Control System Upgrades for EastLink Tollway in Melbourne

SICE to Deliver Control System Upgrades for EastLink Tollway in Melbourne

SICE is pleased to announce that its partnership with ConnectEast continues and will implement a cutting-edge Operation Management and Control System (OMCS) upgrade for the 39km EastLink tollway, including its twin tunnels. The project will transform the existing control system, bringing enhanced efficiency, safety, and sustainability to around 250,000 drivers daily.

After almost 15 years in operation, including a limited upgrade in 2016, the OMCS hardware and software components of EastLinks’s OMCS are now reaching their end-of-life or end-of-support. To overcome these challenges, ConnectEast has appointed SICE to deliver its in-house, state-of-the-art OMCS platform (SIDERA) for the system upgrade.

SIDERA offers a high level of inherent features and modular scalability, making it highly configurable and adaptable to technology growth and operational changes. It ensures long-term value and seamless integration with the evolving transport landscape.

The upgrade of EastLink’s OMCS to SIDERA will encompass the integration and replacement of various equipment and subsystems. These include a new OMCS core with advanced architecture, software, hardware, interfaces, and cyber security features. A new OMCS network consisting of network switches and a network management system will be implemented, along with the upgrade of operating subsystems such as the CCTV system and serial servers for the many devices located along the tollway.

The comprehensive project timeline includes design, execution, testing, commissioning, and technical support. Through the entire process of replacing and upgrading of the system, SICE will ensure the seamless operation and functionality of the tollway, minimising disruptions and maintaining a smooth traffic flow. Furthermore, SICE’s team has already completed the discovery phase of the project, working cooperatively with ConnectEast to confirm that all project inputs are correct.

Manuel Gonzalez Arrojo, Managing Director of SICE Australia and New Zealand, stated, “In 2005, SICE landed in Australia to deliver a comprehensive tolling solution for EastLink. The tollway opened in 2008, five months ahead of schedule, and that was SICE’s first-ever project in the region.”

SICE completed a significant upgrade of EastLink’s tolling solution in 2017 and has continued to provide ConnectEast with ongoing support and development for the tolling solution.

“Today, we are very pleased and proud to further strengthen our long-term partnership with ConnectEast through our SIDERA platform,” said Mr Arrojo.

Charles Griplas, Managing Director of ConnectEast, said, “The EastLink team highly values our long-held partnership with SICE, which extends all the way back to the design and construction of the tollway. We are now very much looking forward to SICE delivering the SIDERA platform and all its advanced functionalities so that we can continue to provide first-class service to all users of EastLink.”

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