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June 24, 2020, Stockholm, Sweden |

SICE strengthens its presence in Sweden with the award of its third contract in the country

Metro de Estocolmo

Pursuant to the signing last winter of the contract for the execution of the technical safety installations on the Yellow (towards Arenastaden) and Blue (towards Barkarby) lines, the Stockholm Regional Council has awarded SICE a new contract for the implementation of these systems for the construction works of 11 km of tunnels on the Blue line towards Nacka, Södermalm, and Söderort.

The purpose of this contract is to guarantee the safety of the construction workers who access the tunnels at all times, by means of the installation of technical systems such as TETRA radiocommunications, access control, and positioning. Since this is an ongoing construction, SICE will have to progressively scale the systems to guarantee that the newly built infrastructure is protected as the excavation continues to advance.

This is the second contract awarded by the Stockholm Regional Council through FUT (Administration for the Extension of the Subway) to SICE’s subsidiary in Scandinavia (SICE Nordics), which strengthens the company’s position in this strategic geographic region. These two contracts, and the one signed in 2018 with Trafikverket (Stockholm Bypass Traffic Systems) are long-term, which will allow for the total consolidation of the business in Sweden, creating a stable position in the area in order to further develop our business in the neighboring countries.