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November 05, 2020, Madrid, Spain |

SICE becomes part of the AWS Public Sector Program

Amazon Public sector

This October, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s cloud-based computing platform, notified SICE’s inclusion within their Public Sector Program partner program. PSP recognizes the APN Consulting Partners who have solutions and experience in the collaboration with governmental, educational and/or non-profit institutions to achieve their corporate goals or missions.

Being part of the Public Sector Program implies aligning SICE and AWS teams in areas such as sales, marketing, tendering, and public sector financing, as well as receiving the “Public Sector Partner” title in the AWS “APN Partners” solutions search engine, granting access to additional differentiation programs.

SICE’s appointment as a member of the “Public Sector Program” is another step further in the development of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions, as well as other projects supported by Data Science for the optimization and prediction of infrastructure maintenance in smart systems, which is one of the company’s greatest commitments.

Working with AWS is committing to reliability and constant innovation. The SICE-AWS relationship will positively impact both teams and will imply an added value for their clients, who will benefit from significant growth opportunities in key issues such as safety, availability, performance, scalability, and flexibility in their domestic and international projects.

Thanks to this new recognition, SICE (which was named in May 2020 as an APN Consulting Partner) is taking further steps in its relationship with AWS with the goal of becoming a “Solutions Provider” in the coming months, which is the maximum collaboration level for APN Amazon Web Services Partners.