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From the beginning

of the 21st century, SICE's participation in projects environmental issues has grown considerably. Although they had already carried out work related to air quality in Madrid and Quito, this green revolution gained strength since the company began its work in the Hydrographic Confederations.

Started after the merger

with the company SEI when SICE assumed the management and maintenance tasks of the systems installed in various basins. Shortly after, in 2004, SICE was awarded the installation of the SAIH SAICA systems in the Hydrographic Confederation of Miño-Sil.

Since then the company has developed

various projects to provide service to the main Hydrographic Confederations and autonomous bodies dependent on the General Directorate of Water, that transcend provincial, regional and even regional borders. state. This is the case in the cases of the Tagus or the Miño-Limia basin, which They extend throughout Spain and Portugal. The flexible structure of the company, optimized to meet customer needs, along with an important local development to develop field work, has allowed SICE to respond quickly to the high level of demand of these projects.

The systems

in the Hydrographic Confederations involve the installation of a high number of sensors throughout the entire the basin to obtain a large amount of information about the flow, precipitation, snow accumulation, water quality or solar radiation, among other factors.

This information is sent via satellite or radio to the center control, where it is processed using hydrological models. This allows knowing the state of the basin and making forecasts about its behavior in the future. Based on the results, the technicians of the Hydrographic Confederation can request, for example, the opening or closing of dams to avoid or reduce the impact of floods or droughts.

Automatic Systems

of Hydrological Information (SAIH), and the Automatic Water Quality Information Systems (SAICA), are complementary. The sensors installed for the latter along of the entire basin automatically analyze the quality of the water, assess its suitability for irrigation and human consumption or detect even if there has been a spill.

The diversification of services

Over the years SICE has diversified the services it offers to the Hydrographic Confederations and has expanded their projects related to the Environment, working on other needs related to the integral water cycle, such as purification and irrigation.

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