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Throughout its 100 years of history

SICE has been characterized by placing itself Always at the forefront of technology. Anticipating demands of society and the needs of customers, the company has worked all these years promoting innovation and development, offering the most complete solutions, capable of improving the lives of the citizens.

This is what he did in his Homes, when he responded to the incipient needs in the energy, mobility, industrial or traffic management, installing the first traffic lights, electrifying railway tracks or providing equipment to hydroelectric plants. And this has remained the case throughout an entire century, moving towards the comprehensive management of these infrastructures and many other areas that offer a global benefit to society.

More efficient solutions

Throughout these 100 years, SICE has developed a growing concern for all aspects that frame their business activity. From the management of its human team, with the permanent incorporation of improvements in internal communication and training to offer opportunities for growth, up to observation of the concerns and requirements of society regarding related to the company's activity. In this line, the development Sustainable is a global need that SICE addresses through design of more efficient, more intelligent solutions, aimed at helping reduce polluting emissions while ensuring the security and correct functioning of the service addressed.

Data management

SICE is moving towards its future development, which is framed in the current technological paradigm shift associated with data management. The growing capacity of systems to generating, storing and processing data in the cloud has allowed a leap in quality in the development of artificial intelligence systems: today It is possible to “teach” a machine, develop its ability to learn from the data you receive and offer your own answers and solutions.

Research and development of ways to expand, diversify and improve the offer of solutions, products and services the company based on the growing current technological capabilities and future, is undoubtedly a fundamental pillar on which the Growth of the company. The company's technological solutions already incorporate artificial intelligence tools, machine learning, prognosis and big data. And it is on this basis that the company has planned a significant investment in research and development, which will favor the design of increasingly agile and comprehensive solutions complete in response to the needs and requirements of the customers.

Present values in the future

SICE plans to launch all these initiatives first in Spain, since the projects executed at the national have always served as a reference and example of success for the subsequent international growth of the company. In this sense, the company works on the development of new business areas in those regions where it is already established, without closing itself to the possibility of expand its international reach.

From now on and for the “next 100 years” SICE will maintain the values that have brought her here: her ability to adapt, anticipation and innovation, its commitment to the client, the management of the risks, their acuity to diversify their offer and the work dedicated and constant of all those people who make up your team human, of great richness and diversity.


It is worth highlighting for its enormous relevance that SICE has been selected together with Cobra to carry out the control and electromechanical facilities of the Femern tunnel between Denmark and Germany. It will thus be part of one of the largest projects of transport infrastructure of the next decade that will become in the largest underwater tunnel in the world.

It represents the largest award in the history of the company and a new technological milestone that, as so many times throughout its hundred years of experience, will open a new chapter full of challenges and growth opportunities. Its execution will reaffirm leadership of the company in the tunnel and ITS sector, constituting a reference of capital importance in the business development of the next years.

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