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Betting on innovative solutions

Since 1921, SICE has been installing and maintaining equipment and systems with the aim of providing the best service to the citizens. After the first experiences in electromedicine, cooling, lighting and traffic regulation, throughout its history the company has diversified its solutions to develop intelligent systems, covering almost all sectors that can facilitate and improve the lives of users: transportation, mobility, environment, communications... And it has always done so trying to improve these systems and to offer the most innovative solutions in each moment.

Industria 4.0

Esta amplia diversificación ha llevado a SICE a trabajar en las áreas de automatización y robotización. La empresa se ha posicionado fuertemente en la Industria 4.0, con proyectos de automatización de líneas de montaje, elevadores, plataformas de trabajo y almacenes de punto único en países como Turquía, Brasil, Alemania y España. Proyectos tan recientes como el de Newark para SAS (2017) o el de Emden para SESÉ (2021) demuestran el alto nivel de exigencia y ejecución de la compañía, con una consolidada implantación en el mercado.

Commitment to the customer

Throughout these 100 years, all projects developed and milestones passed highlight the merit, the capacity for evolution, innovation, anticipation and adaptation that has the company and its professionals have had throughout these years, being always faithful to its values: commitment to the client, creation of value, efficiency and risk management and leadership will.

Integrated solutions

The world is moving faster and faster, and demands that companies take a step forward in the search for integrated solutions to improve citizen services, facilitate management and save resources. In recent years, SICE has worked in a manner aligned with European initiatives that promote this type of smart solutions.

This is how the “Smart” projects that make up the management of several or even all the solutions of a municipal area or supramunicipal: energy, mobility, security, waste treatment, water resources, lighting, environment, tourism, etc.

The objective is that the client can manage all the services easily through a single platform. Thus, they get significant improvements in energy efficiency, cost savings maintenance and sustainable development.

New technologies

The collection of data in real time, the automation of responses and the ability to cross-reference information about the different areas are based on Big data technologies, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, among others. Thanks to this intelligence, the platform is capable of helping in decision making and make behavior and consumption predictions to optimize the service or alert of possible risks. Furthermore, this global solution integrates a form of two-way communication with users, which You can find out about your municipality or province or report incidents.

Smart Projects

Thanks to his previous experience in the management and integration of global solutions, SICE has been able to address in 2019 the project “Intelligent and sustainable” for the Provincial Council of Córdoba. It is designed to meet the needs of more than 70 municipalities, with a population less than 20,000 inhabitants each, who do not usually enjoy the global services that large cities most frequently enjoy.

In 2021 SICE has started work on a similar project, in This case for the Salou City Council, aimed at providing service to the visitor, managing the tourist resources of the municipality.

The comprehensive management in these projects is complemented by the continuous service that SICE offers to its clients: in addition to designing and install the systems, operate them and maintain them over time. Of In this way, the company provides its clients with a global solution.

In recent years,

a new line of work: that of connected infrastructure (I2V). Vehicles that communicate with traffic lights and vice versa result in systems capable to warn the driver of the presence of a pedestrian at an intersection turning the street, for example. A new assisted driving model that They are already in operation in cities such as Segovia or Talavera de la It reigns thanks to the intersectoral collaboration, together with SICE, of telecommunications companies, vehicle manufacturers and on-board devices and of course the great bet of both town halls.

I2V projects that little by little advance towards situations of greater complexity, such as the Cereixal Tunnel, in Lugo, the first with ability to connect to vehicles thanks to 5G communications. The system is capable of monitoring the status of the tunnel and generating information that is sent to infrastructure managers so that they visualize it, analyze it and, in cases where it is considered necessary, issue alerts and warnings to vehicles traveling through the tunnel.

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