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At the beginning of the 21st century

Madrid was a very congested city and The City Council had to tackle different projects to improve both traffic and serious pollution problems.

One of the solutions

for which the Madrid City Council opted forcefully was to bury a part of the highway M30 ring road. The construction project of more than 48 km of tunnels was divided into 9 contracts with different construction companies. In parallel SICE was the company in charge of building the control center and unify and integrate in a single project all the facilities that the project required. It was the largest urban tunnel project to date. world level until now, and the challenges it posed were very important.

Previous experiences in intelligent traffic and tunnel control systems

designed and implemented for the DGT and the Ministry of development. But, also, in previous years, the company had successfully centralized the management of different urban tunnels in Madrid and signposted on the M30 surface, providing the most innovative.

One of the challenges of this project was its magnitude: it was necessary design and control the equipment of its 48 km of tunnels with unified systems and in coordination with the different construction companies involved in the process. The project was completed in a timely manner. record, only 18 months, thanks to the work of more than 500 professionals, between own personnel and SICE subcontractors.

Centralization of systems

It was essential, in such a complex project, carry out a design in accordance with the security requirements of all agents involved: emergency systems, national and local police, firefighters, maintenance teams, etc. advised SICE to specify and size the equipment and its way of functioning, centralizing all systems through a sophisticated communications network in the SIDERA application, SICE's own development.

Sidera intelligent software,

the equipment controlled by him and the established exploitation policies, seek to guarantee security, and therefore reduce the number of accidents in tunnels, limiting the risks and facilitating the fastest and most effective response to possible incidents. At the same time, it seeks to speed up transfers by reducing the pollution levels. The energy systems, lighting, ventilation, dynamic traffic management, video and detection of incidents, manual and automatic extinction, access control, filtering and variable signage, are just some of the 37 different systems designed and installed in the tunnel, which offer continuous information and in real time to the control center.

Improving the system

The system has been updated with the technological advances that have been developed over the last years, and is currently in the process of being renovated, including improvements techniques based on Artificial Intelligence, Prognosis and Big Data, among others.

Thousands of agents and administrations from all over the world have visited Madrid Calle30, the world's largest reference for urban tunnels.

This project placed SICE as a leader in the sector in the market International Currently different tunnel control projects in Seattle, Miami, Auckland, Sydney and Stockholm ratify the leadership of SICE in this sector.

Comprehensive management

This data is processed in the software intelligent SIDERA (and its cloud version, SIDERA AWS) a system that takes into account the causes, consequences and possible responses to all the events planned in the various sections of the tunnels.

The centralized comprehensive management in SIDERA allows planning a automated response to act in the shortest possible time on each event and reduce risks. As appropriate in each case, it is sent from the control center the necessary information to the user, to the emergency equipment and systems in general for emergency response coordinated manner.

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