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The challenge of urban transport agility and safe mobility.

The implementation of the Security System

and Surveillance in the Madrid Metro was a new challenge for SICE, which applied its knowledge and experience to a new sector: urban transport.

At the beginning of the century

the agility of urban transport and the safe, efficient and comfortable mobility of users was a challenge for big cities. In 2004, SICE was ready to take on this challenge.

Although the company had already executed some projects in the transportation sector, such as trolleybuses in Ecuador and Venezuela, main experiences had been accumulated in the Madrid Metro, implementing the communications network of METROSUR and the Canal Metro-Madrid.

After analyzing in detail the needs of the client and users

the challenge of centralizing all the security, surveillance and communications systems of Metro de Madrid. In this project, more than 4,000 cameras were installed “on the ground” and another 2000 boarded the trains. All of them were connected to two large control centers and six security centers. The project is complemented with the installation of the entire communications network necessary and anti-intrusion systems, as well as access controls to restricted areas.

In this project, SICE applied all its experience and prior knowledge of different sectors, but also learned on the specific keys to the operation and exploitation in the area of transportation., allowing you to undertake other projects in this sector.

The Communications Network

Tetra for the Mexico Metro that company designed and installed in 2014. It is a radio communication with digital technology that serves ten lines meter and is designed so that in the future it can be used by other city transport.

In the case of the Santiago de Chile Metro

The IP network was installed over fiber optics and the Tetra network on radiant cable along 37.3 km of tunnels and stations, which supported the communication and security system of two lines that operate without drivers. Ticketing facilities in The Seville and Valencia subways made it possible to face the ticket on the Santiago Metro that additionally included a complete information and security system fully oriented to the user.

Complementing services

These experiences allowed SICE improve and complement the services already offered in the installation of trolleybuses. The most unique project was the Riyadh BRT (2013). This electric bus line, designed to circulate on an expressway, was a Comprehensive project for SICE, where they were designed, supplied and They installed 12 vehicles, 10 km of catenary, traffic lights for prioritize the passage of this transport, 12 passenger stations in addition of the communications system and the control center. Currently SICE It has been operating and exploiting this facility for 8 years. Big projects in execution as the “Miami South Corridor” consolidate SICE in this sector.

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