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Between 2002 and 2006,

SICE worked for the first time implementing a innovative Free Flow toll system. It was on the Central Highway and the Américo Vespucio in Santiago de Chile, where the installation and integration of all field systems for collection vehicle electronics without interfering with the flow of traffic. A sophisticated operational backoffice was also installed that allowed SICE be at the forefront of these systems and address projects similar in
other countries.

Before this installation

SICE had begun its journey in the toll sector after its incorporation into Dragados Industrial, carrying out traditional toll and shadow toll installations, such as such as: the Teodoro Moscoso Bridge (in San Juan de Puerto Rico), Ausol and Ausa (in Buenos Aires), Bakwena (in South Africa), Aumar, Aucat, R2 and AP8 in different parts of the Spanish geography, and the shadow tolls of the A-419, A-417 and A-13 motorways
in the United Kingdom.

The results of that first free flow project

were decisive for the award of Australia's Eastlink corridor, which was completed in 2008. This experience in the Anglo-Saxon field, prioritizing the prior design of the project, its documentation and testing, was definitive for the consolidation of SICE in all its work areas.

After the success achieved in Australia,

SICE strengthened its path in the market international with projects such as the Itchen Bridge in Southampton, the mixed free flow and traditional toll on the bridge over the Humber River in United Kingdom, the BackOffice operational on the highways of Sydney or the Altacomulco Maravatío Highway in Mexico, in addition to others in Chile, Colombia or Brazil.

In 2021

The implementation of the toll on the SH288 Houston highway has been completed, in United States (it had started in 2017). This project integrates all the latest contributions to improve toll systems. On the one hand, the system free flow in express lanes designed for pricing based on supported traffic. On the other hand, to manage the project, it has been designed and installed a “Toll Competence Center”, which offers the service of maintenance and assistance for the dealership.

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