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Kilometers Without Footprint’ initiative: SICE joins the III Planting Day in Alcobendas

Kilometers Without Footprint’ initiative: SICE joins the III Planting Day in Alcobendas

In an effort to counteract the carbon footprint generated by sporting events, the initiative ‘Kilometers Without Footprint’ has carried out an important environmental action in Alcobendas. In collaboration with various entities, on March 22, 53 trees were planted, including holm oaks, oaks and stone pines.

SICE’s contribution has allowed the planting of six trees, thus demonstrating its commitment to environmental protection. This action not only seeks to counteract CO2 emissions, but also to foster ecological awareness and promote sustainable practices in the community.

Kilometers without footprint

It is estimated that the planting of these trees, with a circumference of between 13 and 14 cm, will absorb approximately 6.61 tons of CO2 equivalent in the first 30 years of the trees’ life. This will more than offset the 5.8 tons of CO2 equivalent emitted during the 2023 sports competitions by the pilot Alejandro Geppert, promoter of the initiative.

The event, which was attended by the Mayoress of Alcobendas and other members of the City Council, kicked off with the inauguration of a commemorative monolith in the green area of ‘Kilometers Without Footprint’. The planting of the trees was carried out with the help of volunteers, employees of the participating companies and local students, while the City Council was responsible for installing adequate irrigation systems to ensure their long-term growth and survival.

This action not only represents a significant step towards climate change mitigation, but also a sign of collaboration and community commitment to the preservation of the natural environment. SICE is proud of its participation in this initiative and reaffirms its ongoing commitment to environmental sustainability.

Tree planting

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