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SICE will participate in the 91st Annual IBTTA Conference in Seattle, presenting innovations in tolling technology and road infrastructure management

SICE will participate in the 91st Annual IBTTA Conference in Seattle, presenting innovations in tolling technology and road infrastructure management

SICE, a global leader in technology solutions for road infrastructure and tolling systems, is pleased to announce its participation in the prestigious IBTTA (International Bridge, Tunnel, and Turnpike Association) 2023 Annual Conference. The event will be held at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle from October 7-10.

Recognized for its extensive experience in intelligent tunnel and roadway management and electronic toll collection systems, SICE will present its latest innovations and solutions designed to improve efficiency, safety and sustainability in highways infrastructure and toll collection management. The company will occupy a prominent exhibit space at the trade show, where visitors will be able to get an up-close look at projects implemented in the United States and around the world.

During the event, visitors to the SICE booth will be able to discover its main innovations in the following areas:

  • Electronic Toll Systems: SICE offers highly efficient Free Flow all electronic tolling solutions (both at RSE and Back-Office level), based on the modularity of our proofed systems in production worldwide we adapt and customize it to the needs of our customers, fulfilling functional requirements, business rules and key performance indicators which improve the user experience and optimize the management of toll collection. The company has recently successfully completed several projects in the United States, specifically in the state of Texas, Harris and Smith County. Currently, SICE continues to implement its advanced Free-Flow electronic tolling solutions in Harris and Hidalgo County as well as on major highways in Puerto Rico, where the island’s toll infrastructure is being modernized. In all of its electronic tolling projects, SICE offers first level technology, incorporating new advances in all projects, such as the recent incorporation of Lidar systems for volumetric classification of vehicles, as well as the ability to interconnect with other third party subsystems (interoperability and commercial backoffice). SICE’s electronic tolling systems are agnostic to the instrumentation selected for the highway system. This allows it to offer functional and cost-efficient solutions for projects thanks to the flexibility of injecting new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment into the system without varying its core system.
  • Transportation Asset Management: SICE is a leading technology integrator able to offer global solutions for transportation asset management that contribute to improve highway safety, reduce congestion and increase mobility on the roads. SIDERA’s in-house developed software has been installed in more than 350 km of tunnels and interurban roads around the world, including Seattle’s SR99 or Miami’s POMPT tunnel, where the management of these tunnels has been automated, along with the management of electromechanical systems, control instrumentation and incident management and user information systems.
  • Advanced traffic management in highway networks: SICE provides advanced solutions for the integrated management of highway infrastructures, including accident management and traffic management systems that enable more accurate and efficient decision-making to maintain efficient flow on highways. In addition to providing road information to other support and emergency response systems, this system provides real-time information to drivers through dynamic highway messaging systems. Its interfaces for operators allow a natural interaction with the system, which enables an easy and quick response both in emergency situations and in daily traffic control on the highways.
  • Sustainability: We will highlight our sustainability-oriented initiatives and technologies, such as monitoring and control of carbon emissions by optimizing the travel time  that consequent reduce the fuel consumption and its effect to the environment, etc.

“The 91st Annual IBTTA Conference is a premier event in the road infrastructure and tolling industry, and we are excited to participate in this 2023 edition in Seattle,” said Jose Ignacio Garcia de Castro, President of SICE USA. “It is a unique opportunity to interact with other industry leaders and present our cutting-edge solutions, which are helping to improve mobility and roadway efficiency around the world.”

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