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SICE will implement the renovation of the electromechanical and safety systems in the most trafficked tunnel in Sweden

SICE will implement the renovation of the electromechanical and safety systems in the most trafficked tunnel in Sweden

The Swedish Transport Administration (Trafikverket) has entrusted SICE with the complete renovation of the technical systems of the Tingstad tunnel. Located in the center of Gothenburg, this 455-meter-long tunnel was opened to traffic in 1968 and is currently the main passage under the Göta River in the city, with an estimated daily traffic of 120,000 vehicles.

SICE will execute for the first time, through its subsidiary in the Nordic countries, a project in Northern Europe outside the Stockholm area. Gothenburg is the second most populous city in the country, and the Tingstad tunnel plays an important role in linking the northern capitals due to its strategic location along the E6 highway connecting Oslo to Copenhagen.

By selecting SICE to carry out this project, Trafikverket will benefit from the company’s accumulated experience working on the implementation of traffic systems along the Förbifarten Stockholm (Stockholm Bypass), a 55-kilometer tunnel bypass that aims to divert traffic away from the urban center of Sweden’s capital city.

In terms of scope, SICE will be responsible for designing, supplying, testing, installing, commissioning and maintaining all the tunnel’s technical systems. Among others, the company will renovate the power supply, lighting, ventilation, SCADA, HVAC, telecommunications and traffic systems.

Over the next 3 years, SICE will help Trafikverket achieve the objectives set for this project: to extend the service life of the technical systems, minimize traffic disturbances and open the tunnel to traffic in 2023. Some of the most outstanding challenges are the efficient coordination with local contractors or carrying out the work on such a critical infrastructure that will remain open to traffic during the project execution.

This is SICE Nordics’ fourth contract in Sweden, consolidating the company’s position as one of the leading companies in the tunnel sector in the country. The award of the Tingstad tunnel contract adds to a portfolio of important references in the tunnels sector achieved in the last three years, adding to important projects such as Stockholm Bypass and Tunnelbana. Thus, the Swedish subsidiary reinforces the international tunnel references carried out by SICE in the last 25 years, some of them as well known as the Port of Miami tunnel (USA), the Seattle tunnel, Waterview (New Zealand), the M4 and M8 tunnels in WestConnex (Australia), the Madeira tunnels (Portugal) or Calle 30 (Spain).

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