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AWS recognizes SICE as an APN Consulting Partner

AWS recognizes SICE as an APN Consulting Partner

In 2020, SICE has become an APN Consulting Partner for Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon’s cloud computing platform. This achievement entails a series of advantages that will not only have a positive effect on SICE’s team but on its clients as well, who will benefit from this new relationship with the team at Amazon Web Services.

Working with AWS means committing to reliability and constant innovation. Just this year, AWS was named leader of the Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure as a Service for the ninth consecutive year. This global report is developed by Gartner Consulting, which states that Amazon Web Services has the highest execution capacities in the market.

Therefore, SICE will benefit from key points such as security, availability, performance, scalability, and flexibility, all implicit in working with AWS.

AWS has 76 availability zones in 24 geographic regions worldwide. Through these, it provides support to over one million active users in 190 countries in practically any sort of workload:

  • Storage and Backup
  • Big Data and HPC
  • Web Applications
  • Enterprise Applications
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Etc.

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