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May 14, 2020, Bilbao, Spain |

The Bilbao Port Authority reorganizes low voltage electrical installations and lighting of the AZ-3 dock

Puerto de Bilbao

The Bilbao Port Authority has awarded SICE the project of low voltage electrical reorganization and lighting of the AZ-3 dock in the Port of Bilbao (Biscay), whose ultimate goal is to keep all of the lighting supply within the same contract with the electric power supply company.

To this end, an individual measurement set will be installed and hung from the current existing processing center on the AZ-3 dock itself. From this module, there will be an individual bypass to a new lighting control center that will have, in addition to the lighting outlets, three outlets that will serve a first currently existing command center, a second and new command center, and a storage building. From these three control centers in turn, the lighting lines of the AZ-3 dock will be powered and protected.

For the lighting of the dock, the 10 existing high-rise columns and their respective, currently installed, protective covers will be used, and 11 new high-rise columns will be installed. In these new towers, LED projectors of 76,000 lumens of flux will be installed, which will provide adequate lighting in the area.

Additionally, a telemanagement system will be implemented that will make the facilities more livable, efficient, and sustainable, and provide complete lighting information and control in a centralized panel.

In this way, the Port Authority will be able to safely monitor and program light points and adjust light levels. System data provides real-time information on energy consumption and cost to facilitate its scheduling and planning.

Puerto de Bilbao