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September 13, 2018, New Delhi, India |

SICE will perform the cutting-edge Delhi NCR - Eastern Peripheral Expressway (EPE) ITS Project awarded by National Highways Authority of India (NHAI)

EPE Highway

SICE, in Joint Venture with the Indian partner, VaaaN Infra Pvt Ltd, will develop ITS system for the 136 km of the Eastern Peripheral Expressway that will surround New Delhi. The proposed ITS system will monitor the entire stretch of the EPE with the help of cutting edge technology that will provide  real time information about  traffic conditions, pollution,  weather conditions and status of the expressway to the road users, making road travels more convenient, faster and safer.

The proposed ATMS application SIDERA by SICE, through an appropriate communication network, will communicate the Traffic Management Control centre with 2 sub-centres and field equipment for: Traffic Monitor Camera System, Video Incident Detection System, Automatic Traffic Counter & Classifier, Meteorological &Environmental Observation Systems, Probe Data System, Variable Message Signs, Weight Monitoring System and Vehicle Speed Detection System.

The information will be shared with road users band will be integrated with the concerned authorities and other Highway Agencies.

In addition, a distance based Toll Management System (TMS) will be implemented at EPE Toll Plazas and Interchanges (2+8) equipped with automated Ticket dispensing machines, which will not only reduce the transaction time, but will also help NHAI in reducing the toll plaza operations cost by almost 50%.

With the award of EPE project, SICE increases its international presence, deploying in India the upgraded SIDERA application for managing traffic of Highways, Expressways and Tunnels.