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July 31, 2017, Madrid, Spain |

SICE will maintain and operate the computer system of Valdemingómez Technology Park (Madrid)

Valdemingómez Technology Park

Five years after the delivery of the procurement, installation, commissioning and maintenance of a data acquisition and operation system, produced in the integral management of urban waste in Madrid, the City Council trusts again SICE for the system maintenance.

SICE developed the data acquisition and operation system as a request from the City Council with the main objective of integrating all the data generated in different stages when managing urban solid waste in Madrid (containerization, collection and transport, treatment, disposan and associated activities) in a single computer tool, so the information generated can later be used for technical, economic and administrative purposes.

For this purpose, the system consists of a set of computer applications, the hardware and associated devices acting as support and allowing both the storage of the information generated in the different stages of waste management and its subsequent management.

For this, the system is constituted by a set of computer applications and the hardware and associated devices that will serve as support, and which allow both the storage of the information generated in the different stages of waste management and its subsequent management.

The purpose of this mixed service and supply contract is to ensure the operation and proper functioning of the system, through both, the preventing cleaning works, adjustment and replacement of all the elements that need to be periodically replaced. Also the corrective interventions, including the replacement of damaged items.

The operation and maintenance service will guarantee the fulfillment of the main objectives of the system, among which are the following:

  • Management operation of the stored data in the database
  • Operative management and maintenance of all the procedures managed through the system (licenses, visits, billing, etc.)
  • Operational management and maintenance of the technology park’s access control
  • Database management, with information generated about waste management, recovered by-products, generated energy, etc. in Madrid
  • Management and maintenance of the communications between treatment plans and Madrid City Council’s offices
  • Management and maintenance of the system modules (truck weighing, static weighing, stock control of the recovered material, licenses, visits, economic and financial, characterizations, quality, SCADA’s presence control, mass balance, pre-collection)

The Valdemingómez Technology Park plays a strong role on the energy efficiency and city's energy recovery since the energy valorization of the rejections, together with the energy utilization on the biogas generated, provide more than 235,000 MWh of electric energy per year, (enough to cover, approximately, 5.44% of the electric consumption for domestic uses of the capital in a year). In the same way, the recovery of materials and the energy valorization performed in the park entails a saving of more than a million tons concerning CO2 emissions.