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March 13, 2019, Pamplona, Spain |

Pamplona City Council awards SICE the Contract for the Conservation and Maintenance services of Pamplona’s public and ornamental lighting


In order to conserve and improve at an efficiency level as close as possible to the initial one, SICE will ensure the continuity of the Public Lighting and the indicated facilities, preventing possible breakdowns and, if needed, making the necessary repairs, replacements, etc ... for the maintenance of the technical level, both of the equipment and of the quality of lighting, in order to minimize the possible threats that it may cause to people or things.

The maintenance and conservation services of the Public Lighting installations include the implementation of energy saving and efficiency measures in the Public Lighting installations, such as the replacement of lamps and luminaires with others of greater efficiency, improvement of the reflective and directional quality of the luminaire or implementation of systems for regulating the luminous flux of the points of light and the on and off power, which allows adjusting the values ​​of illumination levels to those required by the current regulation, reducing both the emission of direct light to the sky or reflected by the illuminated surfaces (light pollution) and the consumption of electricity and greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere.

The contract consists in the maintenance and conservation of:

  • 33,527 light sources
  • 206 command centers
  • 189 flow reducer equipments
  • 9 transformation centers

The execution period is 3 years, renewable for another 2 years at most.