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January 14, 2019, Spain |

MOYANO TELSA is collaborating with Orange in the pilot experiment for the implementation of the new generation of 5G mobile communication which is taking place in Seville and Malaga with Huawei equipment

Antena Rocket Moyano

Telecommunication operators are carrying out pilot tests with the 5G network before implementing its full deployment. The pilot experiments are carried out in cities related to robotization, tourism, virtual classrooms or connected vehicles.

The 5G pilot experiments in which MOYANO TELSA participates will be implemented in existing sites where 3G and 4G technologies are already installed and they will have to coexist with 5G technology during a given period of time. Therefore, the structural viability of the increasingly overloaded supports and the compatibility of technologies must be verified.

MOYANO TELSA, specialist in camouflaged tri-sectorial antennas, prepares for the new technology by investing in its antenna measurement laboratory and at this moment already measures the influence of radomes on the new 5G active antennas in the 3,500 Mhz band utilizing new materials.

The result and analysis of these measurements is fostered and shared with the operators who are provided with viable and innovative solutions for the new generation of 5G mobile communications.

5G technology will be essential for the development of smart cities.The new generation of this mobile communication offers more capacity, more speed and an ultra-low latency and allows a massive support of connected objects which will be key for the development of Internet of Things (IoT) and will be an alternative to broadband access in areas without fixed network.