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September 22, 2023, Alcoy, España |

Alcoy City Council implements modern intelligent traffic regulation system to improve mobility in the City

Presentación del proyecto en Alcoy

The city of Alcoy has taken a significant step towards improving mobility in its city centre with the implementation of an innovative intelligent traffic light system. This network, connected to a centralised control centre, will reduce journey times through the city centre by 10% and the time spent waiting at red lights by 15%. This will result in a reduction of pollutant emissions from vehicles and an improvement in air quality in the area concerned.

SICE, the company awarded the project, has been a key player in the implementation of this project, providing advanced technological solutions that have made possible the transition to smart traffic lights in Alcoy. Its experience and leadership in the field of mobility and technology have been fundamental in achieving the objectives of this project: to reduce traffic congestion, improve fluidity and provide a more efficient mobility experience for citizens and visitors. The installed system also offers real-time traffic management adaptation according to the flow of vehicles, prioritising safety and efficiency at intersections. The system communicates with a Control Centre.

This technological breakthrough marks a milestone in Alcoy's ongoing effort to become a more environmentally friendly city focused on the well-being of its inhabitants. The collaboration with SICE demonstrates the city's commitment to innovation and the constant improvement of the quality of life of its citizens.