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STARDUST- Holistic and integrated urban model for Smart Cities

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The EU project STARDUST aims to pave the way towards low carbon, high efficient, intelligent and citizen oriented cities.

The STARDUST project (Holistic and integrated urban model for Smart Cities) has been selected by the European Commission under the Smart Cities & Communities call, among the 17 candidates presented, and has a budget of 21 million euros.

Together with Pamplona, ​​Trento (Italy) and Tampere (Finland) become the three designated lighthouse cities to develop urban solutions, deploy intelligent integration measures and test and validate technical solutions and innovative business models. The STARDUST project will demonstrate that the smart integration of these actions, together with other accompanying non-technological measures can provide a platform for citizens and community engagement. The smart cooperation among each other will increase the quality of life of the citizens while driving the local economies forward by means of a novel productive model based on eco-innovation technologies.

SICE participates in the development of a ICT platform in the city of Pamplona in which a large amount of data generated in the city will be collected and will serve, on the one hand, to the public administrations to improve the services they offer to the citizens and, on the other hand, to the citizens, who will have information that allows them to improve their quality of life.



SCC-1-2016-2017: Smart Cities and Communities lighthouse projects in Horizon 2020

Duración: 2017-2022


The Spanish participants in this macro-project are, in addition to SICE, the Pamplona City Council, the National Centre for Renewable Energies (CENER) as coordinator of the project, the Navarre Government, Nasuvinsa, Zabala Innovation Consulting, Jofemar, Gas Natural Fenosa and the Public University of Navarra through the Institute of Smart Cities.

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