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MoveUS – ICT cloud-based platform and services for Mobility; available, universal and safe for all users

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The MoveUS project features a cloud-based technology platform for the development of ICT tools for smart mobility in the framework of smart cities.

The main objective of MoveUS is to design mobility for smart cities for a universal user, constructed on new ICT paradigms and based on the use of cloud technologies, to optimise travel in urban environments in terms of its sustainability, safety, convenience and time.

The aim is to facilitate data collection from a variety of different sources to glean valuable information on traffic conditions and public mobility patterns, assuring privacy and security during the data-handling process.

Based on this valuable information, app-based services are provided for the public via apps and tools or SDKs, which, as an extension of the platform, provide developers and third parties with open-data access to facilitate the personalisation of mobility.

Experimentation with these services will be carried out in the cities of Madrid, Genoa and Tampere, under a Living Lab approach.


7th EU Framework Programme (2007–2013) - ICT-2013.6.6 Integrated personal mobility for smart cities (FP7-SMARTCITIES-2013)

Duration: 2013–2016


Besides SICE, the other members of the ATOS-led consortium are Tecnalia, the University of Tampere; the Municipal Transport Company (EMT) and the city councils of Madrid, Genoa and Tampere.


7th European Framework Programme


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