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MITRA- Enhancement of Traffic Information using advanced Data Analysis and Representation Technology

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One of MITRA’s goals is to discover hidden patterns in large amounts of data collected by ITS equipment.

The MITRA project is focused on developing a comprehensive system for the collection, analysis and advanced exploitation of road-related data, capable of providing real-time information (visual and analytical) on observed traffic behavior and trends in order to potentially anticipate critical events for road safety.

The aim is to incorporate the use of support tools based on data mining techniques, streaming processing and automatic learning algorithms into the traffic engineering algorithm. One of the objectives is to discover hidden patterns in the large amounts of data collected by ITS equipment in the space-time domain that distinguishes and characterizes each road infrastructure.


This R&D project is co-financed by the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI). (Exp IDI-20170982).

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