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The Smart and Sustainable Project for Municipalities in the Province of Cordoba begins

The Smart and Sustainable Project for Municipalities in the Province of Cordoba begins

The “UTE Smart City Córdoba”, in which Sociedad Ibérica de Construcciones Eléctricas S.A. (SICE) holds 63%, was selected at the beginning of the year by to implement its smart city solutions as part of the Andalusian Regional Government initiatives in the project “Smart and Sustainable Municipalities of the Province of Cordoba”, promoted by the provincial institution and co-financed with Feder funds.

This is an important project in the field of “Smart City” since it is the first of its kind in Spain oriented to the supra-municipal area. Within a maximum period of three years, the project is initially intended for municipalities of less than 20,000 inhabitants, and will be the first to bring, to the entire population, the smart city advantages that until now are “almost exclusive” to the inhabitants of larger cities.

“We are excited to have the opportunity to participate in this project of the City Council of Córdoba and its initiative in the execution of a Smart Region” – Javier Vecino, Manager of the UTE Smart City Córdoba.

This project will cut across a variety of municipal services, such as water supply, waste management, energy efficiency and municipal transparency.

The analytical platform will cover the following objectives and functionalities:

  • Collect information of the province, its citizens and companies, from the various municipal services.
  • Be a transversal solution that serves as a basis for the province’s present and future information services.
  • Analyze the collected information:

Thus, the platform will carry out a descriptive and predictive analysis by analyzing a large volume of information that will support decision making. Techniques such as “data mining” and “machine learning” will be applied, offering predictive models that allow anticipating future or unforeseen incidences.

By using data management, an analysis of the energy behavior of the municipal consumption centers (buildings and public lighting, among others) can be carried out. This type of analysis offers greater control of the energy consumed, information on the billing received and its adaptation to the contracted rate, data for the optimization of consumption, etc. All this with the aim of reducing municipal consumption and spending as much as possible.


The actions in the Water component focuses on the purification and storage infrastructures, as well as wastewater treatment plants, integrating them in a high capacity centralized control system. This centralization offers a substantial improvement in the day to day maintenance of the facilities, which results in a significant reduction in maintenance costs, as well as an improved and greater control in the quality of the service provided to the citizen.

In the area of ​​waste collection, the action includes the provision of sensors to almost 3,000 municipal solid waste collection containers (MSW) and their integration with the management systems and with the smart platform. Thus, it will be possible to analyze if the service levels agreed with each municipality are being duly fulfilled, dynamically contrasting the values ​​registered by the sensors with the variables registered in the contract. It will also be possible to evaluate in real time the specific filling situation of each container in order to optimize the collection routes.

Other services of the Smart Provincial Platform will be:

  • the Open Data Platform that will publish relevant information for citizens, companies and other entities;
  • the Citizen Participation Portal with a public meeting recording system;
  • a system for monitoring the wastewater supply and treatment network.

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