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February 15, 2017, La Roca, Barcelona | Intelligent Traffic Systems, Toll Systems

SICE will install toll lanes and gantries to deploy the IInd Phase of the Via-T Plus Project in La Roca toll (Barcelona)

This contract comes with the regular collaboration between SICE and ABERTIS regarding technologies installation to manage traffic in their granting (ITS systems).

February 13, 2017, South Africa | Intelligent Transport Systems

SICE South Africa (Pty) Ltd will be Silver Partner at the X i-Transport and UATP Conference and Exhibition

From February 14th to 16th, the company will exhibit its ticketing and transport solutions in a stand targeting on visitors.

February 09, 2017, Lugo and A Coruña, Spain | Intelligent Transport Systems, Railway Signaling

ENYSE, a SICE TyS Group’s company has been awarded the contract for the automatic protection of level crossings in the Palencia-A Coruña line

The level crossings to be installed will belong to the category E-300, developed by ENYSE with wireless technology, which will significantly reduce civil works within the contract.

February 07, 2017, San Sebastián, Spain | Intelligent Traffic Systems, Urban Traffic

SICE will deliver services for removal, immobilization and deposit of badly parked vehicles on San Sebastian’s public road

This service follows those the company has been carrying out for the last several years in significant urban areas such as Bilbao or Benidorm.

February 02, 2017, Madrid, Spain | Environment and Energy Efficiency, Air Quality, Smart Cities, Environment

SICE renews the contract for the maintenance and exploitation of the Madrid City Council’s Comprehensive Air Quality Monitoring, Forecasting and Information System (CAQMFIS)

Thanks to this awarding, Madrid City Council ensures the continuity in the maintenance and exploitation works as well as the appropriate service provision since it has been SICE the company developing it for more than 20 years.

January 31, 2017, Houston, Texas, USA | Intelligent Traffic Systems, Interurban Traffic, Toll Systems

SICE will supply and install the ITS and ETC systems on the SH288 Highway in Texas (USA)

This work, together with the agreement signed with Prince for the I-95 project and the last awarding in Orlando, strengthen SICE’s presence in the United States within the ITS and toll sectors.

January 27, 2017, Spain | Environment and Energy Efficiency, Hydrology and Water Resources

SICE and OFITECTO, SICE TyS Group’s companies, renew the services contract for the exploitation and maintenance of the Ebro’ River Basin’s AHIS

SICE TyS Group will continue these works on the AHIS and DSS systems of the Ebro’s River Authority, the most rushing river in Spain with the largest basin in the country, an 85,000km2 surface and almost 1,000 hydrologic and meteorological monitoring points.

January 25, 2017, Lima, Peru | Intelligent Traffic Systems, Urban Traffic

SICE will deploy a new surveillance system within the “D Traffic Light Network” in Lima (Peru)

This project intends to conduct an appropriate traffic management, the maintenance of the settled infrastructure, both public and private transport control and oversight as well as to reinforce public safety.

January 16, 2017, Coquimbo Region, Chile | Intelligent Traffic Systems, Urban Traffic, Interurban Traffic, Intelligent Transport Systems, Buses, Light Rail, Metros and Railways, Railway Signaling

SICE will carry out study plans for the private initiative “Improving connectivity of the public transport route Coquimbo-La Serena” in Chile

This initiative, which has been declared to be of public interest by the Chilean government, aims at implementing a tramway that will improve connectivity between the two cities through a 22km long route.

January 10, 2017, Alcala del Rio, Seville | Energy Efficiency, Lighting, Smart City Platform (EcoCityS), Energy Efficiency

SICE has been awarded the contract for the Integrated Management of Alcala del Rio’s Street Public Lighting following the Energy Services model

This contract means a strengthening for SICE’s positioning as a reference company within de public lighting and energy efficiency sector in the country.