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August 14, 2017, Gaborone, Botswana |

Botswana Government has chosen SICE for the supply installation, commissioning, operation and maintenance of the new urban traffic system in Gaborone

This contract together with those already successfully completed in the area strengthen SICE’s position as a relevant company concerning ITS projects in Africa’s Southern Cone.


Botswana Government, in order to reduce congestion and improve mobility and safety, has requested SICE to launch a modern centralized traffic management project that will also reduce the environmental impact and maintenance cost, ensuring the project expandability towards more areas.

This project is part of the general modernization plan for the transport system in the city, which includes the start-up of a new BRT system and the extension or improvement of the vast majority of its crossings (traffic light modernization). In its development, creating a new control center, which will centralize traffic management through SICE’s ADIMOT platform, is scheduled. In addition, SICE will also furnish a new fiber optic communications network connecting the control center with the new 130 traffic regulators. Through this projects, all the crossings will have access to uninterruptible power systems in 16 locations throughout the city.

Once this part of the project is developed, in the middle of the new control center, ADIMOT will receive data from more than 300 vehicle detectors. Some of these measurement points will have the additional capacity to classify vehicles and measure their speed.

For their part, the new traffic regulators will be equipped with the required equipment in order to provide with priority the buses on the new bus lanes.

The project also foresees the creation of a new network of CCTV cameras that facilitate the network monitoring, as well as incident detection cameras and detection cameras for infractions on the most important points.

In addition to the supply, installation and commissioning, the contract, financed by the World Bank, includes the system operation and maintenance for 7 years.

This contract enhances the company's experience in projects with similar characteristics in the Africa’s southern cone, reinforcing SICE’s presence as a major player in this fast-growing market.